Odd Sox is an eclectic and vibrant clothing accessories brand headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. Renowned for its diverse and imaginative product range, Odd Sox specializes in producing a variety of items, including socks, underwear, masks, slippers, and belts.

The brand stands out in the fashion industry for its unique designs and exclusive collaborations with many brands, artists, and pop culture icons. At the heart of Odd Sox is a commitment to innovation and quality, allowing individuals to express their unique styles through their array of products. Each item in their collection blends creativity and quality craftsmanship, resonating with those who seek to make bold fashion statements.

Each product in their collection is not just an accessory but a statement piece, reflecting the wearer's personality and fashion sense. Odd Sox's dedication to offering unique and quality accessories has carved out a distinctive niche in the market, appealing to those who see fashion as a form of personal expression and art. Their approach to design and quality has established Odd Sox as a go-to brand for those seeking to stand out and make a statement with their everyday wear.

The challenge

While successful on their Amazon storefront, Odd Sox faced difficulties replicating this success on their direct-to-consumer (DTC) site. Despite their vibrant product range's popularity on Amazon, they struggled with low Average Order Values (AOV) on their own platform.

This issue indicated that customers weren't purchasing as much per transaction as they did on Amazon, posing a challenge to the brand’s profitability in the DTC space. The brand also encountered hurdles in developing an effective customer acquisition strategy for its DTC storefront. Unlike Amazon, where customer traffic is more assured, Odd Sox found it challenging to attract and retain customers on its own site. This led to poor acquisition rates, exacerbating the issue of low AOV and highlighting the need for a distinct digital marketing approach.

Furthermore, Odd Sox experienced low conversion rates on their DTC website, indicating problems with user experience, site design, or marketing strategies. The site wasn’t effectively turning visitors into customers, a key metric for any successful DTC operation. This challenge emphasized the need for a comprehensive strategy overhaul to enhance the customer journey from site entry to purchase.


The solution

Services & Technologies
CMO Marketing Strategy CMO Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing
Web Design & Development Web Design & Development
Analytics & Reporting Analytics & Reporting
To tackle Odd Sox's challenges, we initiated a detailed audit to identify key issues in conversion rates. We also searched for opportunities to boost Average Order Value (AOV) and effective ad channels for new customer acquisition.

A major step in our solution was redesigning the Odd Sox website to enhance user experience and engagement, aiming to increase traffic and conversion rates. The redesign focused on highlighting the brand’s unique product offerings, streamlining navigation, and simplifying checkout. These changes also encouraged visitors to make larger purchases and increase the AOV.

Our marketing strategy revolved around a sophisticated Google Ads campaign to drive targeted traffic and conversions. We employed strategic bid optimizations and adjusted ad spending based on historical data to maintain stable CPAs. We also ramped up ad volume during peak periods for maximum impact.

We expanded Odd Sox’s keyword reach by adding over 100 targeted keywords, using a modified SKAG structure for precise performance tracking and budget allocation. Additionally, we emphasized promotional offers in our ads to enhance customer engagement and incentivize purchases.


Odd Sox received strategic recommendations from Adspace, focusing on enhancing their overall Ecommerce strategy. This encompassed web design, customer acquisition, retention strategies, and sophisticated analytics and reporting. The goal was to boost the brand's online effectiveness and market presence.
Adspace significantly enhanced website conversions by implementing a user-centric design for Odd Sox, focusing on intuitive navigation and clear call-to-actions for an improved user experience. Their strategic redesign directly led to a noticeable increase in user engagement and conversion rates.
Adspace designed, developed, and implemented a new customer acquisition strategy on Google Search, Display, Retargeting, and Shopping campaign types to acquire new customers and increase conversions.
Finally, a custom cross-channel reporting and attribution dashboard was implemented. This tool provided detailed insights into the performance of various paid media channels, enabling more efficient budget allocation and maximizing advertising returns for Odd Sox.










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