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NanaMacs is a rapidly growing fashion Ecommerce brand based out of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

The fast-fashion brand offers up the latest trends in clothing and accessories with stylish new looks constantly being curated and released.

NanaMacs has experienced massive growth over the years with a 3 year sales growth of over 2000%.


While NanaMacs had already established acquisition channels, they were not yet experiencing the results or return on investment that was required to continue scaling their company.

Because of this, they needed to restructure their performance advertising channels to take a more holistic approach with multiple channels working together to lead customers down the buyers funnel.

Our team stepped in to develop, implement and manage performance advertising campaigns across paid search and paid social channels in order to acquire new customers profitably and scale online revenue.


  • CMO Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Advertising Campaign
  • Online Customer Acquisition
  • Reporting & Analytics

Our team began by engaging in multiple in-depth audits that focused on target customer demographics, unique value propositions, product-market fit, and market trends.

We then began developing paid search and social advertising campaigns to begin driving website traffic, filling the funnel, and ultimately increasing conversions.

With fully optimized campaigns producing maximum results our team was able to help NanaMacs acquire new customers profitably, increase conversions, and scale online revenue.


01 Engage in an in-depth product-market fit including sku analysis, price analysis, and competitor analysis to understand market demand, market trends and how to effectively target new customers and increase overall metrics leading to growth.
02 Design, develop, and implement new customer acquisition strategy on Google & Youtube through Search, Display, Retargeting, and Shopping campaign types to acquire new customers and increase conversions
03 Design and launch new digital advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram through Prospecting, Retargeting, Dynamic Product, and LTV campaign types to achieve significantly higher ROAS and decrease CPA.
04 Develop in-depth reporting dashboards and automation to provide the most accurate data points that cover metrics from every campaign on every channel in real time.



Increase in Annual Revenue


Increase in Facebook ROAS


Increase in Google ROAS


Increase in Average Order Value