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Keep Trucking is a SaaS company based in San Francisco, California that offers fleet management services to companies across the U.S. The company was founded by Shoaib Makani in 2013 and has since grown into a multi-billion dollar business.

Keep Truckin’s main product offerings come in the form of service hour monitoring, GPS tracking, along with dash cams to ensure the safety of drivers as well as adherence to the rules and regulations of the ELD compliance code.

The company had gone through multiple rounds of funding and had proven itself as a successful and established business.

The company is now valued at around $2.3 Billion and continues to grow its customer acquisition strategies to ensure long-term success.


Keep Truckin had been very successful at developing effective and useful softwares and hardwares as well as raising capital, however, they were having difficulties targeting the right audiences to effectively acquire new customers in a cost effective manner.

They needed the help of a highly qualified digital marketing agency to develop and implement a more effective customer acquisition strategy that would decrease CPAs.

We had to redevelop and implement an acquisition strategy that not only streamlined the conversion process, but also qualified each user and segmented them based on company size, etc.


  • Audit & Assessment
  • Digital Advertising Campaign
  • Online Customer Acquisition
  • Testing & Funnel Development
  • Reporting & Analytics

Our team began the engagement with an in-depth audit and assessment of the business, website, products, target customer demographics, as well as their UVP and current marketing funnel to identify key opportunities for optimization.

We then began reformatting the account, reorganizing and segmenting audiences, and redeveloping the marketing funnel to decrease the amount of steps a user had to take to convert.

Next, we developed an acquisition strategy on Facebook & Instagram along with landing pages that created a more streamlined conversion funnel while also qualifying each user.

Once our acquisition strategy and funnel were optimized to guide users in an intuitive manner we implemented strategies to scale ad spend across platforms while maintaining consistent ROAS


01 Engage in an in-depth brand audit to understand target customer demographic, unique value proposition, brand voice and guidelines, as well as current marketing funnel, and overall market trends.
02 Design, develop, and implement new customer acquisition strategy on Facebook & Instagram through Prospecting, Retargeting, DPA, and LTV campaign types to achieve significantly higher ROAS and lower CPA.
03 Test and redevelop the marketing funnel to create a more streamlined and intuitive conversion process that was able to better qualify users while cutting the amount of steps the user had to take to convert in half
04 Developed in-depth reporting dashboards and automation to provide the most accurate data points that cover metrics from every campaign on every channel in real time.



Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition


Increase in Leads


Increase in Facebook ROAS


Increase in Online Revenue