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Partnering With The Right Influencers Is The Key

By utilizing a data-driven approach, we leverage our network of influencers to identify the right candidate to promote your brand. By strategically partnering with the right influencers, you can introduce your brand to new audiences.

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that utilizes endorsements and production mentions from influencers to promote your brand effectively. The increasing amount of trust that social influencers have built up with their following, and recommendations from them serve as a form of social proof to your brand’s potential customers. 


However, as social media platforms grow larger and more popular,  it’s becoming harder to stand out on social media than before. This makes people who want to become influencers on social media extremely difficult. As the world and aesthetics are always changing fastly from the point of view of consumers. Influencer marketing is becoming common among various businesses to improve brand awareness. 


This is where ADSPACE draws your attention. We are experts at each step of the influencer marketing process and we know how to match your brand with the best suitable influencers, which will support you to build meaningful relationships and maximize the value of your partnership. 


ADSPACE has rich experience and knowledge of influencer marketing, which has also helped many companies and brands to achieve their desired outcomes through their influencer campaigns. We can customize your influencer marketing experience and bring you the most effective results for your business. Managing your influencer campaigns with ADSPACE can become a bonus in promoting your brand. From reporting on campaigns and partnerships to managing messages, ADSPACE can help you manage social influencer campaigns from start to finish. 


To find out more about how we can help you take advantage of our influencer marketing service, read more information about our unique approach and process. 


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We’ve generated over $50 million in profitable ad revenue for our clients.


We know the ins and outs of E-commerce, and we are committed to always keep learning and improving.

We’ve helped businesses all sizes and all sectors build stronger brands, design converting webpages, and increase traffic and sales.
Our Approach

Our Approach to Influencer Marketing is Tailored to Ecommerce Clients

Industry Relevance

Influencer marketing leverages various aspects, and the multi-domains of influencers are very important for businesses to understand and know before implementing specific strategies. We identify the right influencers for your brand by evaluating their relevance to the industry, such as following, engagement, brand alignment, and audience demographic. By evaluating influencers’ relevance, the industry can support you to find the fittest ones for your brand. 

Organic Relationships

As we know that the closer connection you build with the influencers of your choice, the higher chance you will achieve your desired result. Establishing strong and close connections with influencers is the key to the success of your influencer campaigns.

We seek organic and on-brand influencer relationships that go beyond strict business. Which helps your business to create and manage strategic relationships efficiently. The connection between your brand and influencers allows you to develop and maintain a controlling position over influencer marketing

Performance Evaluation

Measuring your influencer marketing performance assists you to do analysis and evaluation on what you should do for your next step. It helps you to realize the mistakes of your campaign strategy and ensures you improve your progress based on real performance data. Performance evaluation will also support you to take action without late penalties for your business.  


ADSPACE constantly monitors performance to optimize future influencer campaign strategies accordingly. We evaluate your influencer marketing performance through five areas: reach, content quality, engagement, cost-effectiveness, and content creation. These different methods of evaluating your campaign take place in multiple stages. Which allows you to manage your performance more conveniently. 

Goal Oriented

The two most common reasons for using influencer marketing are to elevate brand awareness and increase sales. Instead of setting these broad objectives of your campaign, it’s more effective to start your strategy with what your brand needs. 


Maybe you want to expand into a new user market with new products. Or you may want to utilize influencers to talk about your brand values. Or you may simply want to increase your customer base in a specific demographic feature. Our campaigns are tailored to meet certain goals and objectives you have that will further grow your brand. We help you to achieve your small goals first and direct you to reach long-term goals according to the performance of your campaign. 

Why we are better


We Have a Proven Track Record with Outstanding Results

Working with influencers contains its own set of risks and rewards. As influencers have their personal brand to consider, and they get to decide how to portray your brand’s message on their feeds. Knowing how to find the right influencers for your brand can make a huge difference in your campaign purpose. 

We ensure whoever you work with wholeheartedly believes in your brand’s values and will authentically represent your brand to their followers. We analyze and customize your campaign with various influencers, which helps you to better align your brand with influencers. This supports you to create high trust among both influencers and customers of your brand. 

Being a leader in the ecommerce world is not as simple as just opening a store and starting to sell your products

As social media platforms and customer preferences are always changing. It’s critical for your brand to implement improvements upon these changes. ADSPACE is sophisticated in doing this process. We start with identifying opportunities and plans for change and implementing small-scale changes which help to further analyze the results of change and determine where can be improved again. 

Continuous improvement of your influencer marketing strategy drives both the enhancement of processes and products. Companies that are actively looking for ways to improve your business, so that you can increase the value of your products and services. This is where ADSPACE takes place for you to ensure your process is improving according to the outside circumstances and provide you with more economically competitive offerings.

TikTok is a new platform, but the basic concepts behind it are not new

Content strategies help you to define your marketing goals and set priorities. Because it not only allows you to plan your work and ensure that all marketing effort is goal driven. With a sophisticated marketing strategy, you can ensure that every effort you put in translates to the results you desire. 

We can help you to understand your audience and create exceptional content strategies that are relevant to their needs and pain points. Which allows you to build trust, develop relationships, and improve your brand awareness. 

TikTok’s unique sharing modalities are a big part of why it’s so much easier to go viral on TikTok than on other similar social media sites

You’ll have money when you need it

When businesses don’t incorporate a good budget alignment, it’s easy to spread money across too many projects. Which leads to not having enough cross-functional resources to get things done across the line. It’s in the best interests of everyone in your organization, to make sure alignment is achieved. 

We devoted best practices to ensuring our client’s projects are budget-aligned and are most cost-effective. We help you to prioritize budget and cost while providing multiple options for spending so that financial allocation decisions are based on your needs. 

It can become expensive to advertise on TikTok if you are not seeking to create content that will be organically shared around the site

By keeping up with trends, you’ll constantly be learning new tools, new events to participate in, and new ways to be efficient. This will offer you a broader variety of things to work with. In addition, you will be able to experiment with more things and use them to generate new ideas and products. 

We have done many influencer marketing campaigns, and we are experts in the various social media platforms that might be in the field of your interest. We are always acknowledging the latest search trends and social media patterns, which will support you to get involved in your industry, keeping you in touch with your customers while monitoring your marketing campaigns’ progress. 


What our clients say

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“Guys. Seriously. You nailed it. Thank you for the hard work. The service is just on point. You are super proactive and truly dedicated. I know my mission was a delicate one but we made it..thanks to you! Thanks a million.”

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Lionel Marciano


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“These guys are the real deal. Effective, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. Dan quickly understood and was able to help us better articulate the nuances of our business. Would highly recommend working with them.”

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Jordan F.


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“I have worked with many PPC teams over the years. Your team has proven to be unbelievably determined to get this thing right. I am super grateful to be working with Dan and his team. Adspace Agency continues to impress me over and over again (in both PPC and SEO). I look forward to a long relationship.”

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David B.



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Our Process

Our Social Media Ads Strategy for Ecommerce

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Evaluate your performance and goals

Before starting your influencer marketing strategy, we will evaluate your business’s performance by looking at your current online presence. To get a basic understanding of your business situation, values, and culture, which will further direct us to help you customize your strategy.

Once we evaluate your performance. We will help you to set goals so we will know what your purpose of the campaign is, and how you can measure your campaign’s success.

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First of all, we will help you define who your audience will be for this specific campaign. Developing an audience persona is a great way to ensure you understand who your target audience is. After that, we will create a list of influencers to match your audience personas which will help you to seek the influencers that contain the qualities you are looking for. We are dedicated to providing you with a potential list of influencers that have a good engagement rate which means that they have a loyal following, rather than an inflated follower count. 

Once you select the influencers from the list we created for you, we will assist you to reach out to them in an efficient manner. Interactions such as liking their content, commenting on their posts, direct messages, and sending emails are usually the most popular ways to reach out to influencers personally. Showing that you’re serious about the potential partnership with them will increase your chances of striking a deal.

After we help you to find the influencers that work best for you, we will benefit you to set your collaboration with specific guidelines.

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Launch Day

When launching your influencer campaign, we will help you to focus on vanity metrics like likes and comments. It will help you to measure the effectiveness of your influencer campaign. But first, you have to understand its value in terms of return on investment. 

In addition, we will assist you to assign each influencer their unique links with UTM codes, so that you’ll get a clear picture of the results. This will allow you to calculate the impact on your bottom line.

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After the launch, we will take on the task of an attentive management stage for your campaign. This is the phase where we define the parameters of your campaign performance and optimize your goals & plans to make sure that your collaboration is adding value to your brand. 

We know that communication at this stage can make a huge difference between a satisfied customer and one that is not happy with our work. So we want you to be included in the management planning process of your influencer campaign and we want to more clearly define your objectives for this plan

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Optimization and Placement Adjustments

It’s important to track the success of every marketing campaign. By helping you to go back to the original goal you set for this campaign. And evaluating which goals have been reached during the campaign, as well as which objectives you are still trying to achieve. This can help you to determine whether the campaign was a success. Specifically, for influencer marketing strategies, you need to be willing to build real relationships with influencers to approach a win-win outcome in mind. ADSPACE ensures you and your influencers are both achieving goals for businesses. 

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The data that we collect from your campaign performance before and after optimization are the key elements to guide the quality of your brand. We will define ideal methods and information along with your strategy to make your campaign succeed.

We will continue to gather hard data to best optimize and prepare for your next campaign with ease. As the campaign comes to a close, we will have a lot of hard data about what worked and what did not work throughout the process.

Our services

Our Agency’s TikTok Ad Services


For your influencer marketing campaign, we can audit them and provide a detailed report on enhancements that could be made. We are experts at cooperating with influencers and we know how to get more results and ROI through feedback that we collect through our special processes.

Budget Management and Alignment

We will work with you to create a perfect budget so that you can control costs and maximize the outcomes of your influencer marketing campaign. We will also provide you with methods of budget alignment to better manage your spending. We know how much you will need to spend to meet your goals and we can help you to get the most out of your input.


Keep in touch with the influencers that you are working with so you know when the content is live. ADSPACE helps you to build and manage your relationships to further promote your content through your social media pages, newsletter, and website. If the influencers end up getting more views and followers because of your efforts to promote collaboration, they will be more likely to work with you again in the future. We will help you to get the best deal and make your collaboration beneficial for you both.

Influencer Marketing Software

This may add more costs to your campaign. But there is a variety of influencer marketing software that we found are beneficial to campaigns. We can advise you about the selection of influencer marketing software to maximize your brand exposure.