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Immune Boost Daily started out as a passion project for Olympic Runner, Nick Symmonds, but quickly turned into a business opportunity when he realized the market demand for such a project.

After over a year of research, the company brought their product to market in the form of a daily supplement powder that combines daily multi-vitamins and electrolytes to provide your immune system with the daily support it needs to fight off any intruders.

Since coming to market and establishing themselves as an online marketplace, Immune Boost Daily has seen a dramatic increase in demand and continues to scale their customer acquisition and online revenue day over day, month over month, and quarter over quarter.


The company had done a great job at developing a daily immunity supplement but lacked a digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic and conversions, and scale online revenue.

Because of this, Nick teamed up with Adspace to establish the companies online marketplace and drive relevant website traffic that would convert to loyal customers.

Our team had to design and develop a fully responsive website, implement paid advertising campaigns, and develop a full-funnel email marketing strategy to acquire and retain customers in a profitable manner.


  • CMO Marketing Strategy
  • Website Design & Development
  • Digital Advertising Campaign
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics & Reporting

The partnership started with a branding exercise in which our team assisted in the development of Immune Boost Daily’s logo, product packaging, and overall brand aesthetic.

We then designed and developed a fully responsive website using UI/UX best practices to ensure we were providing users with an intuitive buying experience.

Next, we developed a push/pull paid acquisition strategy on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, and TikTok to drive relevant users to the website and ensure we were capturing all high intent traffic.

Finally we implemented email marketing flows that targeted users at every stage of the funnel to drive engagement, conversions, and increase customer lifetime value.


01 Design and develop a new custom Shopify eCommerce store using UI/UX design to enhance the customer experience.
02 Design, develop, and implement new customer acquisition strategy on Google and Youtube through Search, Display, Retargeting, and Shopping campaign types to acquire new customers and increase conversions
03 Design, develop, and implement new customer acquisition strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok through Prospecting, Retargeting, DPA, and LTV campaign types to achieve significantly higher ROAS and lower CPA.
04 Implement a full-funnel email marketing strategy to generate new subscribers, create automated flows and engage users with new email campaigns to increase ROAS and customer lifetime value.



Increase in Facebook ROAS


Increase in Google ROAS


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Customer Return Rate