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Founded by Bob Healey, Grillblazer is the first high-performance torch designed specifically for lighting charcoal grills, wood stoves, outdoor fireplaces, and campfires without the harmful bioproducts of lighter fluids.

At 400,000+ BTU, Grillblazer is a real man’s favorite BBQ toy that lights up the grill in record time.

Although Grillblazer built a powerful and unique product, they didn't feel like enough people knew about their brand.


Given the novelty of their product design and niche customer demographic, Grillblazer struggled to find the right partner to speak to their prospective target market.

After many attempts to strategically penetrate the market, Grillblazer was consistently disappointed in the results of their digital marketing initiatives.

Because of this, they partnered with Adspace to implement an omni-channel strategy to maximize product awareness, boost brand visibility, convert high-intent prospective customers, and methodically allocate budget to sustainably grow online store sales.


  • CMO Marketing Strategy
  • Audit & Assessment
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Advertising Campaigns
  • Reporting & Analytics

Our partnership began with in-depth audit & assessment of the brand, website, customer journey, ideal customer profile and current strategies to identify key areas of opportunity to expand profitability and divest from ineffective initiatives and wasted ad spend.

After identifying and approving influencers to collaborate with, we expanded brand awareness and drove relevant website traffic - all while gathering a catalogue of user-generated content to leverage across advertising channels.

Then we launched paid advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram to push the product and brand in front of relevant target audience segments, engaging them with high-impact user-generated-content and converting them through retargeting & remarketing.

At the same time, we went live with Google Ads to maximize visibility in front of high intent prospects, minimize browse/cart abandonment, and acquire LTV customers at an affordable cost.


01 Engage in an in-depth brand audit to understand target customer demographic, unique value proposition, brand voice and guidelines, as well as current marketing funnel, and overall market trends.
02 Design, develop, and implement new customer acquisition strategy on Facebook & Instagram through Prospecting, Retargeting, DPA, and LTV campaign types to achieve significantly higher ROAS and lower CPA.
03 Design, develop, and implement new customer acquisition strategy on Google & Youtube through Search, Display, Retargeting, and Shopping campaign types to acquire new customers and maximize conversions.
04 Engage industry relevant influencers to create highly effective influencer marketing campaigns that target and acquire new customers, increase online revenue, and increase ROAS.



Increase in Facebook ROAS


Increase in Google ROAS


Increase in Online Sales


Increase in Conversion Rate