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Geometry is an innovative ecommerce brand that crafts artful and functional kitchen, bath, beach, and fitness towels made from sustainable materials.

Established with a vision to blend aesthetics with practicality, Geometry's range of products showcases unique designs from diverse artists and creators. Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns of geometry, the beauty of nature, and the richness of various cultures, the brand has successfully carved out a niche in the home and lifestyle market.

Central to Geometry's philosophy is its commitment to sustainability and ethical production. In an industry often marred by unsustainable practices, Geometry stands out by using eco-friendly materials that are both durable and gentle on the environment. This approach reduces the ecological footprint of their products and appeals to a growing base of environmentally conscious consumers. Additionally, Geometry fosters a community of artists and creators, ensuring fair compensation and recognition for their contributions. This symbiotic relationship between the brand and its collaborators results in a constant influx of fresh, vibrant designs that resonate with a global audience.

The appeal of Geometry extends beyond its sustainable practices and artistic collaborations. The brand's products are known for their exceptional quality, combining functionality with elegance. Whether it's a beach towel with a mesmerizing pattern or a kitchen towel that doubles as a piece of art, Geometry offers an array of choices for customers seeking to infuse their daily lives with beauty and sustainability. With its commitment to ethical practices and support for artists, Geometry has established itself as a leading brand for those who value both form and function in their home and lifestyle products.


Despite Geometry's success in establishing itself as a prominent decor brand through effective and innovative new customer acquisition tactics, the company faced significant challenges in maintaining a high marketing efficiency ratio.

As Geometry amplified its advertising expenditure across various acquisition channels, the brand encountered difficulties in preserving the cost-effectiveness of its marketing efforts. This was particularly evident as they scaled up their ad spend, finding that the increase in expenditure did not proportionally translate into higher returns or customer acquisition rates. This imbalance seriously threatened their growth strategy, as the escalating costs of marketing could outweigh the benefits of reaching new customers.

In facing these marketing challenges, Geometry formed a strategic partnership with Adspace. This partnership began by focusing on refining and optimizing Geometry’s advertising strategies. This collaboration aimed to harness Adspace's expertise in targeted digital advertising and data analytics. The primary goal was to enhance the efficiency of Geometry's ad spend, ensuring that marketing efforts were cost-effective and reached the most relevant audiences. By leveraging Adspace's sophisticated advertising solutions, Geometry sought to achieve a more sustainable and scalable model, crucial for maintaining its competitive edge and growth momentum in the market.

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Adspace initiated its collaboration with Geometry by conducting an in-depth brand audit and strategy analysis, employing its proprietary '5 Pillars of Ecommerce' framework.

This thorough examination aimed to pinpoint the shortcomings in Geometry's existing marketing strategy. During this analysis, a critical insight emerged: Geometry was underperforming in lifecycle and retention marketing. This discovery led Adspace to delve deeper into these specific areas, where they identified that Geometry's automated email and SMS flows were not yielding the desired results.

To address these issues, Adspace embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of Geometry's automated email marketing strategy. Leveraging the capabilities of Klaviyo, a leading marketing automation platform, Adspace crafted and implemented a new, more sophisticated email strategy. This revamped approach was meticulously designed to engage customers at pivotal points in their journey with Geometry. The emails were tailored to be more relevant and strategically timed to maximize impact.

As a result of these targeted and well-executed interventions, Geometry experienced a significant decrease in its blended Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), while simultaneously witnessing an increase in the Lifetime Value (LTV) of its customers. This dual achievement of lowering acquisition costs and enhancing customer value effectively offset the challenges posed by the initially high CAC. This marked a successful turnaround in Geometry's digital marketing endeavors.


01 Geometry received strategic recommendations from Adspace, focusing on enhancing their overall Ecommerce strategy. This encompassed web design, customer acquisition, retention strategies, and sophisticated analytics and reporting. The goal was to boost the brand's online effectiveness and market presence.
02 A central strategy was the adoption of a comprehensive Email Marketing approach. This involved generating new subscribers, establishing automated email flows, and creating engaging campaigns to improve ROAS and customer lifetime value, cultivating a more profitable customer base.
03 Adspace also executed a targeted content-sourcing strategy. This was designed to obtain quality creatives for influencer marketing and paid media campaigns, ensuring content alignment with Geometry's brand identity and audience appeal.
04 Finally, a custom cross-channel reporting and attribution dashboard was implemented. This tool provided detailed insights into the performance of various paid media channels, enabling more efficient budget allocation and maximizing advertising returns for Geometry.