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Ecommerce Campaigns That Generate Higher ROI

Many ecommerce businesses hit a wall when running Facebook Ad campaigns. Typical issues include underperformance, wasted ad spend, low ROAS, high CPA and incorrect audience segmentation and targeting cause most Ecommerce brands to achieve suboptimal results. That is where we come in.

Digital marketing is a huge part of the landscape of eCommerce branding. Without digital advertising, you will be missing out on a huge chunk of your potential clientele who shop online for every single item they buy. Mobile display ad spend in 2020 was $61 billion in the US. This is a 22% increase from 2019, and the trends show that this number is not the ceiling for ad spend in the post-pandemic world.

This is where ADSPACE® comes in. We have the know-how to create effective and memorable marketing and advertising campaigns that will make your eCommerce brand a household name and keep you from getting lost in all the noise of the digital marketing reality. There are a lot of people all trying to get the attention of the same consumers, but we know how to make your brand stand out.

You can no longer bury your head in the sand and pretend that digital marketing is not necessary for the success of your eCommerce brand. 32% of eCommerce traffic is generated through paid search. You are going to be missing out on that 32% of your possible profits if you don’t join the digital marketing and advertising world as soon as possible.

ADSPACE® offers a unique and powerful model that is backed by research and careful data collection to create the perfect advertising and marketing campaigns to get your brand results. We use this data to make sure that we are targeting the right audiences and that we are placing your brand correctly for the maximum effectiveness of each ad dollar. We will make sure that you are never advertising to the wrong people or in the wrong spaces.

Our expertise has led to over $50 million in revenue for our clients and we work with customers from many different industries. Ecommerce is an area of particular expertise for us and we want to share our skills with your brand to help you get the digital advertising and marketing results that you have been hoping for.

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Company stats

We’ve generated over $50 million in profitable ad revenue for our clients.


We know the ins and outs of E-commerce, and we are committed to always keep learning and improving.


We’ve helped businesses all sizes and all sectors build stronger brands, design converting webpages, and increase traffic and sales.


Our Custom Approach

to Digital Marketing and Advertising for Ecommerce Clientele

Audience Targeting

Our extensive experience, combined with Facebook’s intuitive tools, allows us to craft highly-targeted campaigns so you can more successfully reach the audience you are aiming for. This is essential in creating the most effective campaign possible.

Digital marketing and advertising are about bringing together the right combination of ads to create big results. You might need to increase your ad spend on social media or maybe your brand needs to have some clever tutorials made to teach people what it is all about. We can help you to craft the perfect digital marketing and advertising plan to create results.

For example, we know that younger audiences are more likely to use social media and we are able to adjust a portion of your digital marketing and advertising plan to target these potential customers if your product is meant for them. Being skilled at adjusting your ad spend to stay abreast of trends and changes in demographics related to different digital spaces is one of our best skills.

We will create and manage a target audience or audiences that help us to craft the right kind of digital marketing and advertising plan for your brand. Digital marketing and advertising require daily management and a willingness to be nimble and to adjust on the fly. We are able to provide this commitment and so much more.

Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising

Our team at ADSPACE® has years of experience compiling data that can be used for these kinds of digital marketing and advertising campaigns. We have evolved with the changing times and have learned to grow with the changing nature of digital advertising. We know how to make sure that your advertising and marketing goals are met with solutions tailored for the digital advertising world.

While the lay of the land can change drastically in digital marketing from month to month, our data-driven solutions don’t, and we continue to collect data on every campaign that we run to optimize the results of each campaign.

Creating the Right Target Audience

The only way to be sure that you are marketing to the right people is to create the right target audience. Successful digital marketing and advertising is the result of careful audience segmentation and target audience creation.

We are skilled at segmenting and creating the audiences that are needed to help refine and target your ads correctly. Additionally, we are constantly evaluating this information as trends change. We will never let you focus ads on the wrong audiences.

Analytical Expertise

Digital marketing and advertising is a growing space despite the fact that it is not a new part of the eCommerce promotion landscape. Social media sites upgrade or change algorithms, and ad tools can create new challenges daily as they are upgraded. No matter where you are advertising digitally, there is the chance for new curveballs to be thrown at you and your brand daily.

This is where our data-driven approach really shines through. We use customized dashboards to analyze any next best steps that are needed. This will help you reach your business goals quicker.

Why We Are the Best Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency for Your Ecommerce Needs

Great Results Through our Agency’s Top-Level Planning and Strategy

Great Results Through our Agency’s Top-Level Planning and Strategy

01. Your Success is Our Success
We Offer the Benefit of a Proven Record for Outstanding Success

ADSPACE® is a leader in successful digital marketing and advertising for a reason. We care about your goals and we want to meet and surpass them every day. We have a history of making big things happen for our customers, and we can create success for your brand in the same way that we have created optimal results for our other clientele. We are totally confident in the tools and strategies that we will use to guide your digital marketing and advertising campaigns as they reach new levels of success.

The success of your brand is our top priority. We use innovative campaign crafting skills and techniques to make that success possible. You will see results that will impact your bottom line and that will launch your products into increased profit margins.

We always share all of our plans with our clientele in a detailed proposal. You will never be left out of the planning phase of your campaign. No one knows your brand better than you, and we want to be sure that we are creating unique campaigns that meet your expectations for your brand’s message.

02. Finding Real Solutions to Your
E-Commerce Brand’s Challenges
Helping You Overcome the Hurdles to Become a Leader in Your Industry

Becoming the leader in your marketing space or your niche does not happen overnight. We know that stellar marketing is required for this level of success. ADSPACE® offers you access to a talented team with years of experience who are able to craft successful and unique marketing plans that get results.

Our powerhouse of marketing professionals will create the right blend of ad campaign styles to create an authoritative and complete digital marketing and advertising plan that will be a huge success. We know that you need to create a competitive edge to stand out against your competition and we can help you to do just that.

03. We Are Constantly Innovating Our Facebook Advertising Techniques
Keeping Up With Digital Marketing and Advertising Evolution

Digital marketing and advertising are always in flux. New trends come and go and new social media and advertising platforms become relevant or irrelevant almost daily. Analytics drive 40.5% of the decisions that other brands are making.  We know that you will need our data-driven tools to help you to keep up with the changes that your brand faces weekly and monthly in this advertising space.

Our expertise in data analytics is second to none, and we can offer a unique blend of projection, audience retargeting, and artistic and relevant advertising styles to keep your brand at the forefront of the changing digital advertising reality.

04. Creativity That Stands Out
Creating Ads That Stand Out From the Crowd

Just knowing what places to show an ad is not enough. The ad must be interesting, speak to consumers, and must express your brand’s values immediately. People do not wait long to decide to scroll by or to click, and we know that the first few seconds that an ad is viewed have to communicate a lot of information to consumers.

This is why we analyze the launch day of your digital marketing and advertising campaign, and then continue to analyze data as it progresses. Launch day data alone is not enough to locate places where your ads can be improved and retargeted. Creativity back with data-driven information creates lasting success in the digital marketing space.

05. Detail-Oriented Analytics
Our analytics team is full of numbers gurus that can make your Facebook campaign shine.

We know that advertising can get spendy. We strive to maximize the ad spend that you have budgeted in each advertising space. This might mean that we will request a shift in the budget to address a new trend or a unique placement from time to time to improve your brand following.

We also know that your budget was created for a reason and we will respect the boundaries that you have set for your digital marketing and advertising campaigns. We provide ongoing feedback and information to our customers to make sure that they are kept abreast of any changes to their ad spend or places that could justify increased spending limits.

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Success stories


Our Digital Marketing and Advertising Strategy

Identifying Areas For Improvement of Current Digital Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

If you have been running digital marketing and advertising plans or campaigns, we will meet with you and look at your results. We will consider the results of impressions, clicks, and the overall ROI that you are enjoying related to each kind of advertising that you are currently doing for your brand.

Out of this data, we will identify areas that can be improved, possible retargeting opportunities, and we will offer suggestions with regards to ways to increase outreach and brand presence in certain spaces. We know that your digital marketing and advertising strategy needs to encompass more than just a few types of ads, and we are aware that they all need to work in tandem to promote your brand.

We will set objectives with you and create some suggested ad formats for you to look at.

Implementation of Your Campaign

Our talented creative team will craft the right kinds of ads and other marketing opportunities that we believe will reach your target audience effectively and with good results. We will look at tone, message, and engagement to create the right voice for your brand.

This is a phase where  we will test a few ad runs to see what kinds of ads are most effective. This is the time to adjust the finishing touches of your campaign to make sure that everything is perfect for launch day.

Your Digital Marketing and Advertising Launch

On launch day, we will monitor every facet of your campaign as all the ads and other outreach we have set up goes live. We will collect data that tells us where we need to improve and helps us hone in on what worked best.

This is just the first step in a continuous monitoring process that we will undertake as we run all of your campaigns and as we adjust existing ad campaigns to make them perform better. Analytics are necessary daily to make sure that your campaign stays on track.

Managing Your Digital Marketing and Advertising Campaign

Our team begins the rigorous process of managing and improving your ad campaign after we have collected launch day data. This is an ongoing process and one that is essential to meet and exceed campaign goals and objectives.

Constant and effective communication is a must during this stage. We will help guide you along the way and we will make suggestions about the right kinds of changes to improve campaign results. We want to maximize your conversion rates, impressions, and ad spend to meet your objectives and to make sure that you can reach your ROI.

Optimization of Your Campaign

Ad placements and ad types must be adjusted as your campaign continues its run. We will make sure that the metrics we are collecting reflect the kind of results that were set for each ad type when your campaign was planned. If they are not doing so, we will adjust them to meet objectives.

We want you to be able to run a lean, successful, and cost-effective campaign that will spare you from ad fatigue and worry about whether or not your campaign will be a success. Our design team crafts a multi-faceted approach to digital marketing and advertising, and we will help you to manage all of the facets to correctly promote your eCommerce branding throughout the campaign.

Analysis of Campaign Data

Data is our favorite tool, and we will look at the data that we have collected as your campaign comes to a close. We will communicate with you about areas of improvement and opportunities to refocus your goals and your ads for future campaigns. We will also look at long-term strategies that will guide your brand into new avenues and get ads in front of new consumers.

The data that we collect at the end of an ad campaign will help determine the right way to run future campaigns and it will create a knowledge base that is essential for collecting future metrics.


Our Agency’s Digital Marketing and Advertising Services

Auditing Your Existing Campaigns

We are happy to go over your existing campaigns and identify areas of improvement. We will also quantify your results as data that can be used to create a baseline for future metric collection. Working with realistic data can greatly improve your ROI.

Ad Spend Management

We can help you craft a realistic budget for your digital marketing and advertising campaigns and help keep you on point. You will learn about strategies to help reduce cost while boosting results and also learn how to shift your ad budget successfully in response to changes in your audience’s preferences or behavior.

Unique Ad Types and Placements

We can advise you and guide you in the process of leveraging unique ad types and placements for your campaign. There are some kinds of ads that require bidding to get the slot, as well as influencer opportunities and other unique kinds of ads that your brand might want to be utilizing. We can help you to find these opportunities and use them for brand growth.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing and Advertising Services

Tired of managing your own ads and your own campaigns? We can help! Let us take over your campaign and we will handle every step of the process with care and attention to detail. Your eCommerce brand will meet its full potential and more with our hand at the wheel.

One-Time Ad Launch

Maybe you just want to do a short ad run for a unique or new product. We can help with this! We can also run a one-time ad as a means for determining if you think that our services are a good fit for your needs. We can customize any ad campaign to your specific needs, no matter how large or small the effort needed.


01 Why Should You Use Digital Marketing and Advertising for Your Brand?

You need to reach people on multiple digital channels and do so with correct branding, to be able to convert those people to customers. You will be losing out on a lot of sales and a lot of branding opportunities if you decide not to use digital marketing and advertising.

02 How Can You Be Sure That Digital Marketing and Advertising is Right For Your Brand?

If you have an eCommerce store, digital marketing is right for you and your brand. Our experienced team knows how to make your campaigns a huge success and we will keep an eye on the ongoing results of your campaign to ensure that you get the best possible outcomes from each and every campaign.

03 How Much of a Budget Do I Need for Digital Marketing and Advertising?

Digital marketing and advertising can be as expensive or as cost-effective as you want. You will need to lay aside enough budget to be able to cover many forms of digital outreach, but our data collection process will identify key areas of focus that you can elect to focus on. Cost-effective advertising is always possible with data-driven metrics backing the decisions that you make.

04 How do I Know That My Digital Marketing and Advertising Campaign is Generating Results?

We promise to keep our clients in the loop. You have access to a client dashboard that will show the real-time data for your campaign. We also provide campaign results information and reports to our clients so that we can discuss possible changes or improvements that need to be made.

05 What if my Target Audience Isn’t the Same Demographic as the Audience Accessed Through Digital Marketing and Advertising?

While it might seem like your target audience is not a good fit for a digital marketing and advertising campaign, this is likely due to incorrect targeting and a need for improved ads. You will find that there is no product that cannot be successfully advertised through digital means, and we can help you to find the right audience in the digital space for your brand and its products.

06 How Do You Create Ads That Stand Out?

It might seem like there are limited opportunities to create new and exciting ads, but that is not actually correct. New tools and algorithms are created daily on social media platforms and there are always unique ad opportunities out there if you are willing to jump on them and try them out. We are confident in creating unique ads and figuring out placements for your specific audiences to get maximal results.

07 Can You Provide Other Advertising Needs for my eCommerce Brand?

Of course, we can! We know all about the campaign management process from start to finish. From email marketing to social media management, to outreach through influencers, we can promise to get you results no matter what kind of ad type you want to run.

We can create stunning landing pages that will drive sales and we leverage SEO strategies to make your brand show up at the top of search results. We can handle all the advertising needs of your brand to launch it to success!

08 Why Should I Trust ADSPACE® With my Digital Marketing and Advertising Campaign?

Simply put, your success is a matter of pride to us. We want to see your brand grow and succeed. Our team is passionate about being part of the success story of each ecommerce brand that we work with and our advertising services can make this a reality for you and your brand.

09 How Can I Get More Information?

Contact us for a free consultation today! We will answer any questions that you might have and provide additional information you need. We are excited to work with your eCommerce brand and help you to become the top brand in your industry!


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