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Defunkify is an eco-friendly home care brand that uses a proprietary process known as ProvenSafe to create higher performance and lower toxicity home cleaning products.

The company has taken the uncompromised approach of green chemistry to develop a variety of safer-for-you household cleaning products such as laundry detergents, all-purpose cleaners, and stain removers.

Defunkify is sold in over 1800 retail locations and online at major retailers such as Sam’s Club, Amazon, and their own DTC website.


The company had done a great job establishing itself in major retail locations across the country but wanted to expand its DTC Ecommerce business.

Because of this, they needed an effective digital marketing strategy that helped them acquire new top-of-funnel customers in a profitable manner.

Our team had to develop a full-funnel digital marketing strategy to ensure a low CAC while scaling its new customer acquisitions and online revenue.


  • CMO Marketing Strategy
  • Audit & Assessment
  • Digital Advertising Campaigns
  • Reporting & Analytics

To begin, our team performed an in-depth audit of the Defunkify brand to identify hero products, target customer demographics, and significant market trends to establish key differentiating factors.

We then developed a top-of-funnel digital marketing strategy that used prospecting campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to drive new website traffic at a low CPC.

Finally, we re-engineered the brand’s bottom-of-funnel digital marketing strategy to leverage retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to drive conversions and scale online revenue.


01 Engage in an in-depth brand audit to understand target customer demographic, unique value proposition, brand voice and guidelines, as well as current marketing funnel, and overall market trends.
02 Design, develop, and implement new customer acquisition strategy on Facebook & Instagram through Prospecting, Retargeting, DPA, and LTV campaign types to achieve significantly higher ROAS and lower CPA.
03 Design, develop, and implement a top-of-funnel new customer acquisition on TikTok through prospecting campaign types to drive new website traffic at a reduced cost to lower CPA and increase ROAS
04 Developed in-depth reporting dashboards and automation to provide the most accurate data points that cover metrics from every campaign on every channel in real-time.



Increase in Facebook ROAS


Increase in Online Store Sessions


Increase in Online Revenue


Increase in Conversion Rate