YouTube Advertising: The Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Advertising on YouTube gives you access to a huge and diverse audience. It allows you to tap into the market of billions of users on the dynamic video sharing platform. Your YouTube ad is an opportunity to get your brand in front of eyes all over the world. 

When YouTube launched in 2005, it was a platform to easily find and share video clips online. It was created by three tech geniuses that had early roles in the successful payment app, PayPal. Little did they know that their idea would become one of the most popular and addictive platforms in the entire world. 

As the site grew, it was eventually acquired by Google in 2006 and integrated into other Google platforms and applications. This change would transform the platform and launch it to a new level. 

Today, YouTube has amassed billions of account holders. YouTube channel stars have developed almost cult-like followings. The video-sharing website has become a booming industry in and of itself.

With such a dominant place in the market, YouTube is an awesome opportunity to advertise your business. Here, we’ll talk about all of the makings of a great YouTube ad campaign. You can use these tips and tricks to make the video-sharing platform work wonders for your business.

The Growth of YouTube, The Giant

YouTube was born in a pretty humorous way. The genius minds that started the site were inspired by unique problems they hoped to solve.

One creator, Jawed Karim, was frustrated that he was unable to find video footage of Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe malfunction anywhere after the incident. The other two creators, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, just wanted to create a video dating site to solve the world’s romance problems.

Their ideas were founded through simple concepts, but when they created YouTube, they unknowingly launched one of the most impactful websites ever. 

YouTube is now the largest video sharing platform in the entire world. Its two billion active users are scrolling and searching the site, watching an astounding five billion videos per day

This amazing level of viewership just continues to grow, stemming from an intriguing cycle. Videos are posted, viewers eat them up, they go viral, then the channel posts another video hoping to make it even more viral than the last.

The company is now believed to be worth $300 billion, making it one of the most valuable companies in the entire world. It’s certainly a place your business could see big value in being a part of.

Why YouTube is Different for Advertisers

You might think, “My company already has a social media marketing strategy.” However, if that strategy doesn’t include advertising on YouTube, you’re missing the marketing boat. 

YouTube has similar benefits to advertising on traditional social media platforms. But it’s differences are what makes having your product or company featured on the site truly amazing. 

First, there’s nothing out there like YouTube. The popularity of many social media platforms tends to ebb and flow and some are better than others at targeting specific groups and demographics.

YouTube, however, has become a part of today’s culture. 

It’s now the second most popular website worldwide with an average of over eight daily page views per visitor. It’s no understatement that web users are spending some major time on this site.

Part of YouTube’s appeal is its diverse collection of content. No matter your interests and preferences, there’s something on YouTube that will appeal to you. Thanks to the sophisticated algorithms that recommend similar videos, it’s easy to get drawn into a longer-than-you-realize viewing session.

The site plays host to everything from how-to videos for home projects to the latest pop music videos. There are videos posted by celebrities, athletes, and home-based experts on everything from cooking to decorating. Kids are even getting in on the YouTube game.

The platform has also launched many YouTubers into stardom. Music groups like Pentatonix have become viral sensations on the platform and ended up with lucrative deals and sell-out concert tours. The tricksters from Dude Perfect started on YouTube and ended up partnering with Nerf for their own line of merchandise. 

It’s no lie that seemingly endless revenue streams can be generated on YouTube. Your company can benefit from this money-making powerhouse. All you need to do is create a well-rounded and strategic YouTube ad campaign.

Creating an Effective YouTube Advertising Campaign

Launching a campaign on YouTube is pretty quick and easy. With a little planning, you can get your campaign off the ground in no time. 

There are a few strategies you can think about to make your campaign more effective. With a little extra thought and effort, you’ll likely reap bigger rewards from your YouTube ads.

Know Your YouTube Ad Types

The types of YouTube ads
  • • Masthead Ads
    • • Plays at the top of the main video stream
    • • Great for creating brand or product awareness
    • • Autoplays for up to thirty seconds
  • • Skippable In-Stream Ads
    • • Play before, after, or during other videos
    • • Can be skipped after five seconds
    • • Awesome for driving web traffic and sales leads
    • • Bid based pricing means you pay per 30-second views
  • • Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads
    • • Play before, after, or during other videos
    • • Fifteen seconds or shorter
    • • Perfect for broad reach and to generate brand awareness
    • • Pay per impression
  • • Bumper Ads
    • • Play before, after, or during a video
    • • Only six seconds long and not skippable
    • • Can be great to drive brand awareness
    • • Pay per impression for the most effective spend
  • • Video Discovery Ads
    • • Play alongside search results, related content, or on the YouTube mobile homepage
    • • Displayed as a clickable image
    • • Only pay when your image is clicked
    • • Great for exposure to target audiences
  • • Outstream Ads
    • • Only appear on mobile versions of Google partner sites and apps
    • • Do not appear on YouTube
    • • Only charged for each two-second view
    • • Works well to expand your audience and create brand awareness

Having a basic understanding of these ad types will not only allow you to create better ads, but it will also help you decide what type of ads can best help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Narrow Your YouTube Advertising Objective

Marketing without an objective is pretty pointless. Sure, you’re getting exposure, but your campaign will be much more effective with a clear and defined objective. 

Are you trying to raise awareness of your brand? It’s important that you are innovative with your voice if you are a new brand. 

It’s also essential that you are authentic if you are well established. You don’t want to throw off your current customers. 

Your objective may be to increase interest in your brand. Trying to encourage consideration of your product may require you to focus on its benefits so you can use your campaigns to communicate them. 

If your goal is to increase sales or website visits, your ad format will likely have to change a bit. You’ll want to make sure your call to action is stronger and the transition to your site is seamless.

No matter what your objective is, your strategy will be built around it. Everything from your tone to your ad design will need to reflect your goals. We’ll discuss those strategies in a minute.

Get the Most Bang For Your YouTube Ad Buck

First off, how much money are you willing to throw towards your YouTube campaign? You’ll also want to decide if you want to focus on a set amount or a bidding strategy that’s more results-driven. 

Fortunately, you can start a local YouTube campaign for just a few bucks. This allows you to try all kinds of strategies to see what works best for you before making a significant investment in a longer campaign.

What’s great is that YouTube allows you to set your budget. Your daily spend can automatically be capped at a certain dollar amount. 

It’s also easy to adjust this amount and payment method at any time. This allows you to ramp up your campaign or save money as necessary.

Decide Who You’re YouTube Ads’ Target Audience is

When your ad is played for people that would never use your product in a million years, it’s a complete waste of your marketing cash. Thoughtfully selecting your audience can give your campaign the most potential for success.

One of the first things you need to determine is your target audience. Consider if you are trying to deepen awareness with your current demographic or trying to expand your audience. 

Once you have settled on a targeting goal, you can select the audience for your YouTube campaign. Luckily, intuitive YouTube tools make this super easy. 

The Find My Audience tool is an awesome way to narrow down who you are targeting and select your audience. There are two types of audiences you can target. 

Search history is some seriously valuable data and YouTube utilizes it to your advantage. Creating an in-market audience allows you to target shoppers that are already looking for products in your category. This gives you great placement for website conversions and an opportunity to increase sales.

Targeting an affinity audience allows you to greatly increase brand awareness with the consumers that matter the most to your brand. YouTube can place your ad in front of those viewers that matter most. These are selected by their interests that relate to your brand like food and dining, or sports and fitness.

Once you define your audience, think about their characteristics and viewing habits. This will allow you to better create your ad and set the tone for your campaign.

Set the Tone for Your YouTube Advertising Campaign

One of the ultimate goals of marketing is creating a voice for your brand. The tone of your campaign gives your brand a personality. So, you want to make sure it prompts a great impression.

Your campaign’s tone should reflect your product and its characteristics. It should also consider the audience that you’re marketing to. Your brand’s voice is how consumers connect with your brand

Your tone should match the feelings you are trying to invoke with your message. It should give the viewer a sense of how your products can meet their needs.

Are you selling serious products like financial services or health care? Your ad should convey a genuine and reassuring tone to let consumers know that they can put their trust in your brand. 

Take this ad from Fidelity. The music is calm and subtle. The people in the ad have serious expressions on their faces as they review their information with their calm and polished adviser.

This ad lets the viewer know that Fidelity is a safe choice for them. They are also likely targeting a more mature audience with higher incomes that can appreciate the more serious tone of this ad.

Tips for advertising on YouTube

However, your brand might be one that can benefit from a little excitement. This is especially true if you are marketing to a younger crowd. 

With a lively and dynamic tone, you can make your brand feel exciting. You will let consumers know that your brand will add fun and adventure to their lives.

Check out this clickable banner ad from workout studio AKT. Even without video, they are able to create an energetic feel.

The models have excited expressions and are clearly active. The graphic, bright colors and short verbiage appeals to those looking for high-energy products.

Advertising on Youtube made simple

Striking the right tone can be key to making sure consumers interact effectively with your ad. It can also go a long way in drawing viewers in and keeping them around. Also, your tone will be a big part of the impression they have of your brand that lasts long after seeing your ad. 

To speak to YouTube viewers, you need to know what they are into. Obviously, in this fast-paced digital world, that’s constantly changing. However, staying in tune with what’s currently trending can help you market better.

Check out the trending page on YouTube. What kinds of videos are popular? Check out common themes and characteristics of these videos. This can give you a good start when creating your ad. 

Look for the types and genres of music that are trending at the moment. This can help you select the most appealing music for your ad. 

Are there any big current events, sports seasons, or popular trends that you can tie into your advertising? Not only does this show that your brand is relevant and aware of what’s popular, but it might pay off in capturing the attention of interested viewers. 

What is trending on YouTube helps you with your YouTube ads

Get to The Point Quickly in Your Youtube Ad

With most types of YouTube ads, you only have a few seconds before a viewer can skip it or scroll on by. That’s why it’s super important to get to the point quickly.

There is a lot to include in those first few moments to make your ad effective. Sure, it’s only six seconds, but it is really valuable air time.

Lead with the most important information about your product. What are you marketing and why do they need it? You need to get that info to the viewer straight out of the gate.

Your brand name and ideally your logo or tag line should be in the first view seconds of the ad. That way if it’s skipped, you’ve at least created a few moments of brand exposure.

However, it’s not all about your brand. It’s also about drawing the viewer in so they will keep watching. Make your ad intriguing so YouTube viewers yearn to find out more. 

Whatever the storyline of your ad is, start it quickly and keep it moving. Try to strategically accelerate the rising action so viewers will stay tuned in longer so they can see the climax of your mini-story.

Use a Multi-Sensory Approach to YouTube Ads

Making a video is about more than just visuals. You need to make sure your sound is on point for an effective and engaging advertisement.

Think about your music carefully. Not only the beat and tempo but the volume as well. You want the music to enhance your ad, not overpower it.

Consider the timing of your music as well. This is a trial and error strategy and something you can play with. 

Some video ads do best with music playing the entire time while others do best with the music fading in and out, or creating dramatic impact. Some are best with no music at all. 

The most important part of a well-formulated ad is making the viewer feel something. You want to elicit an emotion that will want them to have a relationship with your brand. 

To do this successfully, you need to appeal to as many of their senses as possible. It’s also important to do this in a way where audio and visuals mesh seamlessly together to make sense.

Keep Your YouTube Ads Simple

Everything you need to know about YouTube advertising

YouTube is full of loud, crazy, and overstimulating ads. Sometimes the best thing you can do to stand out is to keep it simple. 

By streamlining your ad, you allow your message to shine through. You also might be giving the viewer a calm break they didn’t realize they were craving.

Sometimes, simplicity gives you the chance for more clarity, especially if you are attempting to share a lot about your brand in a small snippet of time. 

Solid backgrounds, crisp graphics, and simple sound effects create minimalism that many can appreciate. It also prevents you from creating an ad that seems overproduced and overdone.

Charts, graphs, and tables are perfect ways to share clear visual information about your brand. It allows the consumer to gather all of the facts they need to make a decision about your brand. 

It seems like a simple ad may not garner much attention. However, sometimes in the often overwhelming world of YouTube, less can definitely be more.

Create a Lasting Memory

You have this small chance to make a big impact. Your goal is for customers to not only view your ad but have a positive memory of your brand that lasts long after it. 

This strategy should be used from the beginning of the ad to the end. You only have a few seconds to engrain your brand in the viewer’s mind, so use them wisely. 

Grab their attention at the start of the ad. An alert viewer is going to soak up much more information about your brand and will more likely remember it.

Create a story that allows the consumer to feel like they are a part of it. Encourage them to imagine themselves interacting with your brand.

Take this ad from the fro-yo spot Menchie’s. They are strategically telling you why and how you need their product.

They are also tying themselves to popular events many people experience. This correlation buries itself in the mind of the consumer, only to spontaneously and subconsciously return when it’s time for a birthday party.

This connection that Menchie’s has created between their brand and celebrations can drive these consumers to choose them the next time they need an event cake.

YouTube Advertising

Testimonials are also powerful and memorable. Feature your current happy customers and their glowing reviews.

Consumers feel more connected to and trust other consumers than they do brands. The bridge between personal connections can lead new customers to want to try your brand. 

The energetic satisfaction of your customers can make viewers want to have the same feeling of being thrilled with your product. This can cause them to turn to your brand for their next purchase.

Include a Powerful Call to Action in Your YouTube Ads

Your ad must leave the viewer with a powerful ending. They’ve heard your message, now what the heck do you want them to do?

A strong and clear call to action is the perfect way to end your ad. Depending on your objective, it can be as simple as visiting your site or signing up for a free trial.

Maybe you’re trying to increase brand awareness. You can use a soft call to action that’s less demanding than if you are trying to increase sales.

Suggest they reach out to learn more about your brand. Ask them to keep an eye out for your product in local stores. Now that they know about your product, gently asking them to consider it can leave them with positive feelings about it. 

Measure and Analyze Your YouTube Ads Campaign

Another great perk of YouTube advertising is incredible real-time results. You can see exactly how effective your ads are at reaching your objectives. 

This allows you to adjust quickly and try out different strategies. You can immediately see the trends and impacts of any changes that you make. 

You can further refine or even expand your audience to see how well your ad is received. You can even increase your budget and pricing strategy and see how it affects your views.

The trick to all of this is staying on top of it and making needed adjustments quickly and regularly. That way, you’re getting the most out of your campaign.

Your Successful YouTube Campaign

successfully advertising on YouTube

These strategies can help you implement and manage a highly successful YouTube campaign. You’ll be able to create great ads and reach your goals and objectives in no time. By tapping into the huge YouTube audience, you’re gaining some great brand exposure. 

The vast reach of YouTube is a marketer’s dream. Having the tools to fine-tune your audience and objectives at your fingertips makes it even more amazing. YouTube makes creating a truly great campaign simple and accessible. 

How can you use YouTube’s incredible reach to benefit and boost your brand?

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