The 13 Best Tips for Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising out there. They are also super easy to post with the platforms many intuitive tools and features. Facebook Ads enable any business in the world to reach a vast audience with minimum effort.

When you create your campaign strategically, Facebook Ads can generate enormous exponential exposure and growth. While the Facebook advertising world is constantly evolving,  advertisers are always able to find innovative ways to cut through the noise and create dynamic campaigns. 

Originally started by a group of friends attending Harvard, Facebook was designed as a way to virtually communicate. A simple tool to stay in touch and network with those around campus.

Since its creation in 2004, the social media tool has exploded into one of the country’s largest tech giants alongside peers like Google and Apple. It’s now known as one of the world’s most valuable companies.

Despite other social media platforms bursting onto the scene, Facebook has retained its strong footing and growing membership. It’s maintained its popularity and relevance thanks to its constant evolution and addition of new features.

Today, it boasts an astounding 1.66 billion daily active users. That number is likely to continue to follow it’s steadily increasing trend. 

Facebook is the perfect tool to get your brand exposed to this incredible number of users. It’s also an amazing tool for creating your brand identity. The social media platform gives you the chance to use your unique voice to engage with consumers. 

Using Facebook advertising, you can take your marketing strategy to the next level of success. Follow these thirteen tips to create a dynamic ad strategy. We’ll explain how to get the most out of your next Facebook advertising campaign. 

A Revolutionary Concept

First, let’s talk about why Facebook is so amazing in the first place. How did something that many assumed would be a quickly fading fad transform the social media world?

When Mark Zuckerberg and his buddies came up with the concept in his dorm room, they could have never dreamt that it would become the publicly-traded giant that it is today. 

Originally exclusive to Harvard student use as an online directory-like tool, it quickly spread to other schools. Just six years later, the website hit 500 million users. By 2012, Facebook hit Wall Street and became available for public trading.

The tech icon now employs nearly 50,000 employees. It also invests heavily in lobbying and is a huge political force.

Over its short lifetime, Facebook has become a model for other social media apps. It’s even acquired other social media giants like Instagram and What’s App. It’s evident that the former college student brainchild is here to stay.

Why Facebook is So Dynamic For Advertising

Why is Facebook good for Advertisers?

So how has Facebook managed to remain so relevant and popular? By constantly changing and revolutionizing their tools and concepts, they have kept the app fresh, exciting, and engaging. 

First off, Facebook has an absolutely enormous reach. Seven in ten American adults are on the platform. This usage is unmatched by any other social media tool. 

Facebook also boasts a rather diverse demographic. While many other social media apps trend younger, Facebook has users spread across a wide range of age groups. 

While a large percentage of the users are between 25 and 34, Facebook usage is spread relatively evenly across the other ranges. This allows for effective targeting of many demographics. 

The changes Facebook implements are strategic and genius. Over the years, they have added tools like a messenger tool to easily chat with friends. There is even a kid’s version so parents can monitor their little ones’ conversations with their peers on the platform. 

Facebook even developed its own smart displays and collection of shows. The platform is constantly growing and strategically integrating itself into the lives of consumers. 

Facebook is a reliable and steadily growing tool that your brand would be smart to take advantage of. Advertising on the platform is a can’t miss opportunity! 

Plan Your Facebook Ad Budget

Your advertising budget, first and foremost, will help you develop your campaign. Luckily, Facebook has some super flexible pricing options. You can launch an ad on the site for just a few bucks, and get some real results!

The best thing about the Facebook budgeting tool is that you can be in complete control of your spending. You can set a daily budget and the platform will stick to it. You can also create an overall budget for your entire campaign. 

There is also a results-based bidding price model. You can set an amount per action that directly correlates to your objective. This ensures that you essentially only pay for the results your ad generates.

With this, you’ll pay this set amount each time someone views your ad, clicks on it, or completes whatever action you have set for your ad. Even with this pricing model, you’ll still stay within your preset budget. But you may get more bang for your buck. 

Decide on Your Business Goal For Facebook Advertising

Decide on a goal for your Facebook ads.

Decide early on your ultimate goal so you can craft your ad campaign around it. What exactly are you trying to get out of your Facebook advertisements?

Fortunately, Facebook makes this super easy. When you are creating an ad, you are immediately required to set your goal. This makes customizing your advertising easier from the get-go. 

Are you trying to draw Facebook users to your website? Maybe you are trying to grow the audience for your page. Either way, choosing wisely allows you to take advantage of Facebook’s sophisticated algorithms to reach your goals.

Target Your Facebook Ad Audience

One of the most tried and true marketing strategies is to clearly identify and define your target market. This is especially true on Facebook where you have a unique ability to target a specific audience and tailor your campaign towards them.

The most important thing to keep in mind when targeting your audience is to be strategic. Spending money on advertising to consumers that have no use or interest in your product is pointless. Your campaign will be more successful if you carefully select an audience that reflects your brand and current customer base. 

Facebook allows you to set and save audiences in your ad creating page which is amazingly helpful. It also gives you some great tools to forecast your reach. 

You can select to target a specific gender or age group. The sliding scale age selection tool allows you to pinpoint the exact age range you want to view your ads.

What’s really cool is that Facebook allows you to go even deeper when selecting the details of your audience. Everything from lifestyle to behaviors can be honed in on in the Detailed Targeting tool.

You can select from educational experiences and income to career fields. You can also target members with specific interests and hobbies. Facebook even allows you to target users with certain digital behaviors. 

The access that Facebook has to its users’ personal information allows you to choose metrics that aren’t always possible. This gives you the opportunity to truly craft your ideal target audience.

As you select these, pay attention to the potential reach gauge. This visual tool allows you to strike just the right balance between too broad and too specific. Aiming to get the needle in the green range can yield you better results.

Using this tool, Facebook can predict how many viewers your ad will receive. This information is updated every time you make a change to your target audience specifics. This makes developing the best strategy much easier.

Remind and Expand Your Customer Base

Ads Manager has some awesome features to further narrow your target audience focus. It allows you to remind users about your brand after their initial exposure. You can also grow your audience based on your current customers.

Many people interact with a brand and fail to make a purchase. They could visit your site several times and never buy a thing. The key to overcoming this is keeping in touch.

Use Facebook ads to remind these consumers about your brand. The Custom Audiences tool allows you to target ads to your current customers and those that have visited your website.

This is an optimal situation as they have already shown interest in your brand. They just may need a little nudge in the form of a Facebook ad to get them to complete their purchase.

You can also create what’s called a Lookalike Audience. Facebook can automatically create this audience based on things they have in common with your current source audience.

Obviously, these similarities can make them much more likely to be interested in your product. Creating a Lookalike Audience can find those that are more likely to engage with your brand given their likeness to your current customers.

Develop a FB Ads Placement Strategy

Facebook ads placement in important to your Facebook ad campaign.

Ad placement is key to getting seen and received. Luckily, Facebook is super smart about ad placements strategies!

Choose Automatic Placement and their algorithms will place your ad in the optimal location. It will use the most cost-effective strategy using your pre-set budget amount. 

Wanting a little more control? You can also manually select where your ads are placed. However, you’ll have to keep this in mind when designing your ads.

Facebook has several choices for ad placements:

  • • Facebook News Feed
  • • Instagram News Feed
  • • Facebook Marketplace
  • • Facebook Video Feeds
  • • Facebook Right Column
  • • Instagram Explore
  • • Messenger Inbox
  • • Facebook Stories
  • • Instagram Stories
  • • Messenger Stories

You can select one or more placements for your ad to appear. One of the greatest benefits of Facebook advertising is having access to seamlessly advertise on the super-popular platform of Instagram as well.

Facebook developed a great guide for the optimal placement for your specific objectives. This is great to keep in mind when selecting the placement and moving forward with the design of your ads.

Set the Tone For Your Facebook Advertising

It’s important that your ad campaign has a clear voice. Your tone and the energy you convey dictates how your ad is interpreted. Largely, your brand image dictates this but it’s always great to think outside the box.

The target audience you are marketing to also comes into play here. You want the overall feel of your ad to appeal to their general likes and attitudes.

Are you aiming your focus on the young, carefree teen consumer? Keep your ads light, bright, and to the point. You want high energy and a sense of adventure to draw interest.

You might be setting your sites on gaining middle age, suburban customers. Think sensible and informative. You want to give them the facts and information they need to decide that your brand is right for them.

Everything from the colors you choose and your imagery to your ad’s music sets the tone. Make sure these align and make sense together. Nothing is more confusing to a consumer’s senses than bold, bright visuals set to lackluster and dull music.

Keep It Consistent, For Best Ads Results

Make sure your Facebook page aligns with your brand. Sure, this is your opportunity to have a little fun. But you don’t want to leave those already aware of your brand feeling caught off guard. 

Find cohesive ways to tie things together. There should be a sense of consistency across all of your channels, even if your Facebook campaign veers from your typical marketing a little. 

Consumers crave familiarity. Everything from your prominently displayed logo to your well-known jingle in the background can trigger their subconscious memory. Including small, familiar elements can go a long way. 

If your goal is to increase website traffic, make sure the transition to your website feels natural. If your website is a stark contrast to your ad, it can leave shoppers feeling bewildered. The last thing you need is for browsers to abandon your site because they feel they’ve been misdirected.

Offer a Promotion or Contest In Your Facebook Ad

Consumers love to feel like they’re getting something out of their interaction with your brand. Make them feel valued by offering them a great deal. 

Studies show that consumers are affected by promotions along every step of the purchasing process. Not only will a great deal draw them in, it just may seal the deal on their purchase.

Offering a promo code on Facebook is an awesome way to get buyers to your site. For instance, Brumate posted a discount code in their Facebook ad for their popular can insulators. 

Offer a promotion in your FB ads.

Not only has the post been engaged with thousands of times, but the strategy also promotes Facebook sharing and friend tagging by nature. 

This genius approach caused exponential exposure as users tagged friends and shared the post in order to join together to meet the four-item promotion requirement.

This is the same reasoning that Facebook contests are so successful. By making a requirement that users tag their friends or share the ad to enter, you are getting some serious extra advertising. 

As more and more friends continue to share posts and tag their friends, the advertisement spreads. In the end, you could reach a significantly larger audience than the original target audience that you paid for, at the same price! 

Work to Stand Out From All the Other Facebook Ad Competition

Facebook users are there to be entertained and informed. They are also logged in to mindlessly scroll through their feeds. The most important thing is to stand out enough to draw them into your ad.

Draw scrollers in with an enticing headline. Offer a contest, make a big announcement, or include a call to action. You only have a few words to make browsing eyes pay attention to your advertisement.

When your ad stands out from the white noise of social media, it tends to be more memorable. You want to leave consumers with a strong impression of your brand along with a need for your product. 

Jumping on the bandwagon often takes on a negative tone. But in the world of social media, trends are everything. 

Scroll a little to discover the most popular posts. Current and seasonal events are great to consider when crafting your campaign. Social movements are also a good thing to be sensitive to.

Check out the ads and posts that have the most likes and shares. What do they have in common? What components could you potentially mimic and make your own?

Being in tune with these trends shows that your brand is current and up to date. 

Check out this ad for dress wear retailer eShakti. Not only have they adjusted their manufacturing to accommodate the current need for stylish masks, but they have also predominantly featured their new product in their ad to draw visitors to their site due to increased demand.

Pay attention to FB trends when advertising on Facebook.

Utilize an Influencer or Endorsement On Facebook

Just like other social media platforms, Facebook has many popular influencer and celebrity accounts. You can partner with these sensations for an added boost for your brand. 

These users are called influencers because you guessed it, they are extremely influential. They have a huge collection of followers that hang on their every post. 

To be effective, you must find an influencer that relates to your brand. It can’t be too far-fetched that the person you partner with would actually use the product you’re selling. 

Use common sense. Selling sports equipment? Athletes and fitness profiles are your go-to. Marketing cosmetics? Beauty oriented Facebook users can give your product credibility. 

Getting one of these influencers to appear in your ad can make it significantly more impactful. Consumers tend to trust the words and opinions of these online trendsetters. 

Engage with Facebook Commenters

Facebook gives you the awesome ability to interact with your customers directly. It’s important to use your advertisements to engage in discussion and develop relationships with them. 

Social media is your chance to give your brand personality and a voice. Your back and forth dialogue with Facebook users can get you noticed. 

Respond quickly and appropriately to any comments that you can. Especially in the early stages of your ad. 

Not only does this give you additional chances to share your message, but it also shows that you are a reliable communicator. 

Responding to comments also gives you an opportunity for meaningful interaction with consumers. Let’s look at this back and forth on an ad from the fitness equipment brand Tempo.

Engage with people who comment on your Facebook ads.

Not only does Tempo reach out to thank their current customer, but they also make another genius move.

They repeat the tag and respond to one commenter’s recommendation to a friend. In a lighthearted but informative way, they again made their case about why their brand is great. 

Just like contests and promotions, actively engaging in the comments section can earn you tons of extra exposure for your ad. 

Measure Your Facebook Advertising Strategy and Adjust

One of the greatest things about Facebook advertising is the amazing access to the metrics. You can clearly see how effective your campaign is and adjust it on a dime.

Considering your priorities and objectives, you are able to see how effective your ads are in real-time. You can also see how well your audience is being targeted by reports that show you exactly who is viewing your ads.

The split testing strategy tool can give you extremely reliable and useful data for future campaigns. By running two ads with different strategies, you can see which is more effective by comparing the results. 

Facebook Attribution can tell you the level of result you are actually experiencing beyond simple views. It can show you how many conversions your ads receive, allowing you to tweak your strategy to meet your objective goals.  

Maintaining Your Facebook Ad Strategy

Changing your Facebook ad Campaign can help you improve your ad success.

Developing and adjusting your Facebook advertising strategy should be an ongoing process. It’s essential to stay tuned to the platform and your results. Adjust as necessary for the biggest branding outcomes. 

You’ll find that Facebook advertising is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. The access to the sheer number of users and the low cost of the ads makes it a killer deal. Plus, the intuitive features and smart algorithms make smart advertising a no-brainer. 

How will you use access to the enormous world of Facebook consumers to benefit your brand?

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