The 13 Best Tips for Facebook Advertising


Facebook ads enable businesses worldwide to reach a vast audience with minimum effort. They are also the most cost-effective advertising methods, but are you optimizing your ad campaigns properly? When you create a strategic campaign, Facebook ads can generate enormous exposure and growth. While the Facebook advertising world is constantly evolving, there are innovative ways to cut through the noise and create dynamic campaigns. This article will address the best Facebook advertising tips to increase engagement and drive conversions for your brand.

What are the Benefits of Facebook Advertising?

There are many social media platforms on the scene, but Facebook has retained its popularity and relevance thanks to its constant evolution and addition of new features. Today, it boasts an astounding 1.66 billion daily active users.

Facebook attracts a diverse demographic. Unlike many other social media platforms that primarily appeal to younger users, Facebook users span several age groups. Because of this, Facebook is the perfect tool to expose your brand to millions of potential customers. It also helps cultivate your brand identity and voice to engage with audiences. 

If you want to take your marketing strategy to the next level, follow these 13 tips to create a dynamic Facebook ad strategy. 

An infographic displaying Facebook ad campaigns.

Plan Your Facebook Ad Budget

A defined advertising budget is crucial for crafting your Facebook ad campaign. Luckily, Facebook offers highly flexible pricing options. With just a few bucks, you can launch an ad on the platform and achieve tangible results.

Facebook offers budgeting tools that allow you to control your spending completely. You can set a daily budget and an overall budget for the duration of your campaign. 

The platform also offers a results-based bidding price model. Here, you can specify the amount you will pay for each desired action. This means you only pay for the actual results your ad generates.

Under this pricing model, you’ll pay the specified amount every time someone views, clicks, or completes the desired action for your ad. Despite this, you’ll remain within your predetermined budget. This maximizes the effectiveness of your spending.

Decide on Your Business Goal For Facebook Advertising

It’s important early on in your campaign to define your goals. What exactly are you trying to get out of your Facebook advertisements?

Are you trying to draw Facebook users to your website? Are you trying to grow the audience for your page? Regardless of your choice, choosing a strategic goal allows you to take advantage of Facebook’s sophisticated algorithms to reach your goals.

Fortunately, Facebook makes this super easy. When you create an ad, you are immediately required to set your goal, making customizing your advertising easier from the get-go. 

Decide on a goal for your Facebook ads.

Target Your Facebook Ad Audience

One of the most tried-and-true marketing strategies is clearly defining your target market. This is especially true on Facebook, where you can target a specific audience and tailor your campaign to them.

It’s crucial to be strategic when targeting your audience. There’s no point in investing your budget in consumers who have no interest or need for your product. Your campaign’s success hinges on selecting an audience that aligns with your brand and existing customer base.

Facebook offers a convenient feature where you can set and save audiences directly on your ad creation page. The sliding age selection tool allows you to target a particular gender or age group. The Detailed Targeting tool allows you to select several other things, including education, lifestyle, and career.

When choosing different attributes, it’s crucial to observe the potential reach gauge. This visual aid helps you find the optimal balance between being overly broad and overly specific. Targeting the green range can lead to improved outcomes.

With this tool, Facebook can estimate the number of viewers your ad will reach. This data is updated each time you adjust your target audience criteria.

Remind and Expand Your Customer Base

The Ads Manager on Facebook also offers tools to narrow your target audience further. This feature allows you to retarget customers after their initial exposure to your brand. 

Facebook ads are a great way to remind audiences about your brand. The Custom Audiences tool allows you to showcase specific ads to users who have previously visited your website. Sometimes, a little nudge is needed to get a user to complete a purchase.

You can also create what’s called a Lookalike Audience. Facebook automatically creates this audience based on behaviors new users have in common with your existing source audience.

These shared traits make them highly likely to be interested in your product. By creating a Lookalike Audience, you can identify individuals more inclined to engage with your brand due to their similarity to your current customers.

A graph displaying how Facebook lookalike audiences work.

Develop a FB Ads Placement Strategy

Facebook ad placement is critical to gaining engagement and visibility for your brand. Luckily, Facebook offers several different types of ad placement strategies. 

If you choose Automatic Placement, Facebook’s algorithm will place your ad in the optimal location for your audience. It will also use the most cost-effective strategy based on your budget amount. 

You can also manually place your Facebook ads. Facebook has several choices for ad placements:

  • • Facebook News Feed
  • • Instagram News Feed
  • • Facebook Marketplace
  • • Facebook Video Feeds
  • • Facebook Right Column
  • • Instagram Explore
  • • Messenger Inbox
  • • Facebook Stories
  • • Instagram Stories
  • • Messenger Stories

You can choose one or multiple placements for your ad to appear. One significant advantage of Facebook advertising is the ability to seamlessly advertise on Instagram as well. This increases the reach of your ads and increases the traffic to your business.

Set the Tone For Your Facebook Advertising

A clear voice is essential for a successful ad campaign. The tone and energy of the ad dictate how audiences interpret it. If you focus on a younger consumer, keep your ads light and bright. 

If your target audience are middle-aged, suburban consumers, be sensible and informative. You will want to provide facts and information that helps a potential consumer decided if your brand is right for them. 

Colors, imagery, and music help set the tone of your Facebook ads. When these elements work well together, your sites will experience more traffic and engagement.

Keep It Consistent, For Best Ads Results

It is also important to ensure your Facebook page matches your brand identity. Even if your Facebook campaign deviates slightly from your usual marketing approach, there should still be a sense of alignment across all channels. Consumers crave familiarity. A logo or familiar jingle can trigger a user’s subconscious memory, reminding them of your brand or products. 

If you aim to boost website traffic, ensure a seamless transition to your website. If your site starkly contrasts with your ad, it may confuse shoppers. This can lead to potential users to abandon your site if they feel misdirected.

Offer a Promotion or Contest In Your Facebook Ad

Consumers like to feel they have gained something from interacting with a brand. You can provide them with value through excellent deals or promotions.

Research indicates promotions influence consumers at every stage of the purchasing journey. A compelling deal not only attracts them but can also clinch the sale.

Using a promo code on Facebook is an effective method of driving traffic to your site. For example, Brumate shared a discount code in its Facebook ad for its popular can insulators.

Offer a promotion in your FB ads.

The post garnered thousands of engagements and naturally encouraged Facebook sharing and friend tagging. This clever tactic led to exponential exposure as users tagged friends and shared posts to meet the four-item promotion requirement together.

This is why Facebook contests thrive. You gain substantial additional advertising by stipulating that users tag friends or share the ad to participate. As more friends share posts and tag others, the advertisement spreads. This enables your brand to access a wider audience than the initial paid target at no additional cost.

Work to Stand Out From All the Other Facebook Ad Competition

Facebook users are there to be entertained and informed, so the most important thing is to stand out enough to draw them into your ad.

Your business has to draw Facebook scrollers in with an enticing headline. Offer a contest, make a big announcement, or include a call to action. You only have a few words to make browsing eyes pay attention to your ad.

When your ad stands out from the white noise of social media, it tends to be more memorable. You want to give consumers a strong impression of your brand and a need for your product.

In the world of social media, trends are everything. You will want to discover the most popular posts. Check out the ads and posts that have the most likes and shares. What do they have in common? What components could you mimic and make your own? Being in tune with these trends shows that your brand is current and up to date.

You can also consider seasonal events and social movements when crafting your campaign. Check out this ad for dress wear retailer eShakti. This company adjusted its manufacturing to the need for stylish masks during the pandemic. 

To take advantage of the increased demand for masks, they feature their new product in several ads to bring more customers to their site.

Pay attention to FB trends when advertising on Facebook.

Utilize an Influencer or Endorsement On Facebook

Facebook has many popular influencer and celebrity accounts that you can leverage to boost your brand. These users are called influencers because, you guessed it, they are highly influential. They have a huge collection of followers engaging with all their posts.

To make this method effective, it’s essential to collaborate with an influencer who resonates with your brand. The partnership shouldn’t be so distant that the influencer wouldn’t genuinely use the product you’re selling.

Are you selling sports equipment? Athletes and fitness profiles are a great option. Marketing cosmetics? Beauty-oriented Facebook influencers can give your product credibility. Getting one of these influencers to appear in your ad can significantly impact your traffic. Consumers tend to trust the words and opinions of these online trendsetters.  

Engage with Facebook Commenters

Facebook is a fantastic marketing tool because it gives your brand the ability to interact with your customers directly. Using your advertisements to engage in discussion and develop relationships with them is important. 

These interactions give your brand personality and a voice. Because of this, responding quickly and appropriately to any comments you can answer is essential. This gives you additional chances to share your message and displays that you are a reliable communicator. Let’s check out an example of a successful customer interaction from the fitness equipment brand Tempo.

Engage with people who comment on your Facebook ads.

As you can see, Tempo reaches out to thank their current customer, but they also make a genius move. They repeat the tag and respond to one commenter’s recommendation to a friend. In a lighthearted but informative way, they reinforce the benefits of their brand.

Measure Your Facebook Advertising Strategy and Adjust

One of the remarkable aspects of Facebook advertising is the access to metrics. Based on your priorities and objectives, you can monitor the real-time effectiveness of your ads. You can also access detailed reports telling you how well your audience is targeted.

The split testing strategy tool can provide reliable and valuable data for future campaigns. You can compare the results by running two ads with different strategies to see which is more effective. 

Facebook attribution goes beyond mere views to provide insights into the actual impact of your ads. It reveals the conversions your ads generate, empowering you to adjust your strategy to achieve your desired objectives.


Facebook advertising is one of the most potent tools in your marketing toolkit. The extensive user base and cost-effective ads make it a compelling option. Moreover, its intuitive features and intelligent algorithms simplify the process of clever advertising. How do you leverage access to Facebook’s vast consumer base to enhance your brand? Consider partnering with Adspace for expert guidance and support in navigating the dynamic world of Facebook advertising.

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