How to Optimize TikTok Ads: 7-Step Guide

How to Optimize TikTok Ads: 7-Step Guide

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09 Dec 2022
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Keep your campaign goals in mind 

When you start to make a campaign in TikTok, you have the objectives of the movement in mind. The platform offers different objective options:

  • Traffic generation: the users can directly enter your app or a website landing page. 
  • Reach: it works to Display your advertising to all possible users. 
  • App installation: Promote App downloads.
  • Video viewing: get more users to see your videos. 
  • Website conversions: encourage users to sign up for more followers or purchase from your site. 

 TikTok recommends you to optimize for views or reach of the video if you want your brand to be known and to have a connection with the users. 

Analyze your Target Audience

Even if you know your audience, you need to have different strategies to review the efficiency of your targeting approach. The platform offers numerous targeting filters, where you can direct your campaign, including age, location, gender, and the interest of the audience. But these filters can be an inefficient process, a good alternative would be:

  • Allow the platform to optimize the targeting, select the automatic button and then choose your audience. In this function, you could establish who is watching the videos and start to interact with your advertising.  
  • Another way is letting the platform helps you create a lookalike audience, this can help you find audience groups that share commonalities with your customers. It could help to expand your audience and find new ones that are interested in your brand or product. 

Associate with influencers 

TikTok is a platform that has a lot of influencers, it’s not wise to pay a big influencer, because big influencers have low engagement. But there are a lot of micro-influencers who have a strong engagement with their followers. 

If you want to find brands and influencers that can be relevant to your niche. You can make a simple search on the app by just typing a hashtag related to the identity of your brands. It can help filter you to show the niche that you are searching for according to popularity.   

Be more creative 

Since TikTok is made up of videos, the content has to be brief, attractive, and with good information. If you lack creativity, here are some recommendations to improve your creative abilities. 

  • Create different content for each advertisement, because TikTok recommends you do so. 
  • Change creative every week since it can get repetitive or bore the users. 
  • Make sure your message can capture the attention of the audience and try to convey it in the first few seconds. 
  • Use colors that call the attention of the audience, it can be bright colors.
  • In your storytelling add text, and effects to catch the attention of the audience.
  • You can try different sounds, songs, or transitions to experiment what is the video that calls more attention.  
  • Finally, check that every ad follows the TikTok specifications.

There is another alternative for those who don’t like editing videos. TikTok offers a smart video tool, where you can upload images or video clips, and the platform automatically generates the ad edited and finished.   

TikTok also has an automated creative optimization tool that offers different combinations of ads. This tool allows you to choose the best option to find the most optimal video for your target in the platform.

 Performing A/B testing 

Testing is the most effective way to know if your ad is having results with the targeting, bidding strategies, and also if it calling the attention of the audience.

An example can be, having two identical ads but differ in the form that you are targeting the audience. This is gonna help you to test and have concrete results to know which strategy is more effective for your campaign. 

To have certain results, the ads can run for at least two weeks. Finally, make sure your ads don’t run on holidays or times with a lot of traffic, because it can affect the results of your testing.

Bidding and Budget Strategy

The bidding and budget strategy are important for making your ads grow to another level. 

First, if you are new at the platform you can choose the best budget for kick-off your campaign. You can choose the approximate budget from 1.2 – 1.5 x the cost per acquisition. 

If you already choose a budget campaign try not to change the budget in elements like the creative or targeting for at least two days. Because it can affect the work that you have done. 

If you want to make changes in your budget try to stay within 20% of your actual budget.   Don’t make hasty changes, go step to step to reach the audience.

Finally, we recommend you experiment with different strategies for the budget that TikTok offers you, including.

  • Bid Cap:  It helps you to select the strategy bidding for keeping your average cost per result lower than your bid.
  • Cost Cap: the system gives you an average cost per result for keeping your average cost around or lower than your bid, regardless of your budget.
  • Lowest Cost: this strategy doesn’t require a bid, instead it will be the lowest budget for spending your budget fully and getting the maximum possible results.

Be Flexible

Finally, if you have made a plan and it doesn’t give you the results you estimate, don’t give up. Be more flexible and keep in mind your goals campaign. If you having a problem with not being in better divulgence, don’t be afraid TikTok often bases the ranking on the budget of exposure. So try to check your results, look for your performing tools and try to optimize your budget. And if necessary look for another strategy to generate your ads more engagement in the platform.

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