Creating Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

There were more than five billion internet users worldwide, and of that, 4.7 billion or 59% of the world’s population were social media users. Social media marketing strategies play an important role for businesses as multiple functions. Every company can incorporate social media marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, consumer loyalty, and sales. However, building effective strategies is indispensable to the success of social media marketing campaigns. Read on to learn how you can create effective social media strategies to help you reach your desired outcomes. 

What is a social media marketing strategy?

A social media marketing strategy will summarize and plan everything you hope to achieve through your engagement with social media. It is an outline of the content that your company wants to post on your social media account, the responsibilities of your social media team, and the social media channels you will use to promote your business.  

Components of Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Summary: Create an overview of your strategic plan and understanding of where your brand currently positions on social media
  • Goals: Make a list of specific goals that you want to achieve along with metrics to measure your achievements.
  • Execution: Ensure to plan how you want to achieve your goals, such as timeframes, tools, or software, and who is responsible for each task.
  • Analysis: Create a plan for analysis to measure the results and performance of your marketing campaign which shows you how you’re doing along your progress.

Tips on generating great social media marketing strategies

Educate your audience

No matter what your social media goals are, educating your audience is an essential move toward success. Providing valuable knowledge and practical advice to your audience will make them view your business as an authority and expert in the area you serve, which will further lead to boost their loyalty to your brand. There are two ways to educate your audience: first is to educate your followers directly on social media, and second is to use your social media accounts and drive them to your website where you provide educational resources, such as blog posts, events, and webinars. 

Produce a variety of content types

The most common content type that the majority of companies use is pictures or short posts. To differentiate your brand from others, you can utilize various forms of content, which include videos, threads, blog posts, and infographics. Because only producing the same content type on your account might make your audience exhausted and bored. It may lead to fewer responses or views to the content you post. Sharing a variety of content types on social media can help you better attract your audience and help you to learn more about what your audience wants from you so that you can keep your audience engaged long-term.

Use stories

Storytelling works better than promotions, it’s similar to an educational approach, but it generates better results. Storytelling is not limited to educating your audience and teaching them things that they don’t know, it can also incorporate life characters and situations that might evoke emotional responses. Stories are a powerful tool to push and pull your audiences’ emotions and empathize with them. This tends to better motivate your audience and promote actions. 

Influencer Marketing

Cooperating with influencers can serve as a bonus for your marketing campaign. Influencers can boost your brand awareness and credibility much faster and efficiently, as they can reach a broader range of audience. This leads your brand to reach your target customers quickly. As the majority of influencers have numerous numbers of loyal followers, this will help your brand to build better relationships with them and increase audience engagement with your brand. 

Incorporate chatbots

As you might receive a lot of responses or messages from customers on your social media accounts. A chatbot is an excellent tool to be used, it can help you to start conversations, answer questions, and provide personalized customer service and support. They will help you to avoid neglecting messages and making customers feel bad about the quality of your service. These bots can also encourage unlikely sales and build better relationships with customers. Furthermore, using chatbots can help you promote your business on social media by improving the appeal of your business and generating better results. 


Effective social media marketing strategies are the key to your success. It helps you to set goals and clear expectations for your business’s social media marketing efforts, establishes key performance indicators to monitor your progress toward goals, and supports you to determine elements and areas for improvement over time. Social media marketing varies in business types, you need to ensure that your social media marketing strategies are suitable for your business and target customers. If you have difficulties establishing effective social media strategies, reach out to us!

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