Choosing the best Google Ads agency: Factors to consider

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You would probably agree that the marketing world is not static. Recently, it has gone through radical changes, and Google Ads has played a significant role in this transformation. 

Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform that used to be called Google Adwords. Marketing professionals and businesses use Google Ads to promote their services and products locally and internationally, to reach new customers, and to drive targeted traffic to their websites. According to an article written by Statista, his platform has over 275 million unique visitors per month and billions of interactions every day.

So, it is obvious you should use Google Ads to grow your business online. However, as a business owner, you definitely have more important tasks to focus on and things to worry about. Dealing with Google ads is likely not one of them, and it is ok. This is where a professional Google Ads agency comes in. These agencies specialize in creating and managing advertising campaigns and can handle them just as well as you handle your business. By hiring an agency, you save yourself time, headache, mistakes, and money. 

There are hundred of Google Ads agencies out there, but you shouldn’t pick the first company you talk to. It is essential to do some research and understand the quality of Google ads services that each agency can offer you. Many businesses often make this mistake. They hire an agency without even knowing what they are gaining in return. Do not be one of them, and take your time to evaluate what an agency can offer and ask them significant questions. 

So, let’s explore some crucial factors you should take into consideration when choosing a Google Ads superhero for your business. 

Factors to Consider When Picking The Best Google Ads Agency

Choosing a google ads agency for your business

Ready to find the best Google Ads agency that will grow profits? Explore these factors to make an informed decision: 

Industry Experience and Expertise

The experience and expertise of an agency are among the most significant factors to consider. It is highly recommended to cooperate with a Google ads agency that has relevant experience and has a proven history of achieving exceptional results. A reliable and trustworthy company is always ready to provide you with examples of their previous achievements and case studies. 

It is also crucial to consider how an agency works with Google Ads and what their individual approach is. Are they familiar with the platform and its capabilities? Do they keep up with the latest trends and best practices? It is crucial to hire a team of experts who are experienced, proactive, and knowledgeable to make your advertising campaign successful. 

What is another reason for hiring the best Google ads agency with relevant experience? An experienced agency will be able to provide strategic guidance and valuable insights tailored to your specific buisness goals. A well-established agency will understand your target audience better and know how to create an effective advertising campaign resonating with them. 

Client Portfolio And Success Stories

Case studies are an excellent way for a Google ads marketing agency to showcase their results and proven process. If you want to evaluate a potential agency, you should definitely check the case studies and client testimonials. This will help you understand how an agency has helped other businesses in relevant industries. 

It is also totally acceptable to reach out to the agency’s previous clients and ask them what they think. Their honest feedback can be valuable insider information that will help you make a right decision. The agency’s past clients can tell you what it is really like to work with this company, and how its team handles relationships with clients. 

Do not miss a unique opportunity to dig deep into a company’s portfolio and discover the “secret sauce” behind their success stories. It is your chance to choose the best Google ads agency that will help get your business or brand on top. 

Communication And Reporting

Communication and collaboration is another critical factor to consider when choosing an agency for creating and running your Google Ads campaign. A trustworthy company always values open and clear communication. It wll be responsive to your concerns and needs, and will answer any questions you have with no hesitation. A good Google ads agency understands that it is crucial to work collaboratively to achieve clients’ goals. 

Let’s say you have hired a company that is not communicating well and not providing you with regular insights and updates about your advertising campaign. As a result, you may miss an opportunity to improve your campaign and boost the return on investment (ROI). 

Now, imagine you are working with a Google ads management agency that values regular reporting and clear communication. It is like having a partner who is invested in your success. When you have this kind of company by your side, you will get better understanding of how your advertising campaigns are doing. Moreover, regular reporting and effective communication allows you to provide an agency with a feedback to improve results.

There is another reason why regular reporting is so crucial. You should understand that a PPC campaign is not a one-time concept. You will need regular performance tracking to make sure that you stay updated with your campaign’s process and potential optimization actions. 

Customized Strategies and Campaign Approaches

The next key factor to consider when searching for the best Google ads agency is flexibility and customization. It is not a secret that every business is unique, and the account strategy should always reflect that. Always look for a flexible company that can tailor and adapt their strategies to meet your business goals and needs. When an agency customizes their approach for you, they craft more effective PPC campaigns that increase the likelihood of optimal performance. 

Imagine you operate a B2B business in a highly competitive field. In that scenario, you probably want to hire a Google ads agency that will develop an aggressive bidding strategy to set you apart from the competitors. 

However, if you are a B2B business operating in a narrow niche, things take a whole different turn. In such a situation, you may need an ads agency that will use a more specialized and tailored approach to reach your target audience. 

When looking for a Google ads agency, it is also better to choose the one that is able to conduct thorough keyword research. By identifying the keywords that align with your business, industry, and target audience, an agency can optimize your advertising campaign and improve its overall effectiveness. Hiring a company with the expertise in keyword research will help you reach your marketing goals and yield the best results. 

Budget And Pricing Structure

Have you decided on your budget? It is also one of the most important things to consider because Google ads campaigns can range in price. Their cost can vary from a few hundred dollars per week to several thousand dollars per month, and it is determined by an agency you choose to work with. 

When you are having a conversation with a Google ads management agency and discussing your budget, they should provide you with a detailed breakdown of their costs right from the start. Make sure to ask them essential questions. For example, what proportion of their costs goes toward copy creation? What is exactly covered (and what is not) by their pricing? 

When discussing the budget, make sure to ask about the pricing model a Google ads agency is going to use. Typically, there are several pricing models that agencies offer. One of the most common ones is a flat fee model. With this model, a company charges a fixed project-based or monthly fee regardless of the client’s ad spend. It is more predictable because you know the exact amount you will be paying. 

Percentage of ad spend is the second common pricing model that works on a commission basis. Let’s say your budget for a Google ads campaign is $2,000, and an agency’s fee is 15% of the end spend. In this case, you will pay an agency $300. So, your total cost is $2,300. This pricing model is easy to understand because it is quite straightforward. 

There is also the third model known as performance-based pricing. In this model, an agency charge a client a fee based on the performance of the advertising campaign. It can be a certain percentage of attributable revenue, attributable profit, or a bonus. 
Always discuss the pricing model with an agency and make sure to have clear understanding of how it works. Do not hesitate to talk about all the aspects of pricing, including any extra costs associated with the company’s Google ads services. This will help you find the right partner to achieve your business goals and stay within your budget. 

Ongoing Support and Collaboration

Always keep in mind that the Google Ads agency you are hiring is like your reliable teammate for your digital marketing journey. That is why try to look for an agency that not only knows their stuff but is also ready to offer ongoing collaboration and support. Find a company that does more than setting up your advertising campaign. Hire an agency that will stick around like a loyal companion to provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance. 

Finding the best Google ads agency that is a great collaborator is what you really need, because collaboration is the key to success. Your knowledge of your business and the agency’s marketing expertise is a winning combination that can create an unstoppable force. 

Ongoing support also means that an agency will provide continuous optimization, monitor the performance of your PPC campaign, and give recommendations for its improvement. The agency’s team is always there for you with new ideas and tricks to boost the performance and outsmart the competition. 

So, when choosing the best Google ads agency, make sure to find the one that is eager to collaborate with you, hand in hand. Again, a company and their team should be your partner who is focused on achieving a common goal. 

Summing Up 

Are you thinking of hiring the best Google ads agency that will skyrocket your ROI? There are few key factors to consider. In this article we discussed such essential factors as the agency’s expertise and experience, previous clients’ feedback and case studies, proper communication and regular reporting, budget and pricing models, and ongoing support. Remember to keep these factors in mind and do thorough research to make an informed decision. 

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Finding a trustworthy and experienced Google ads agency you can count on might make all the difference in the success of your PPC campaign. So, take your time and do not rush into a decision. Talk to an agency’s team, read reviews, and talk to their past clients. By doing so, you will be able to find a company that will act as your partner dedicated to driving results for your business. 

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Do not miss out on the unique opportunity to get professional guidance and unlock the full potential of your PPC campaign. Feel free to give us a call and let’s talk about your marketing needs and expectations. 

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