Agency Comparison Series: Adspace vs. MuteSix


Amidst the nonstop digital noise, agencies like MuteSix and Adspace stand out as indispensable partners for startups and established brands. With emerging social media platforms like TikTok, an efficient team of marketers is necessary to guide your brand to the next level. If you’re looking for an effective agency to create TikTok ads for ecommerce brands, Adspace and MuteSix can help you reach previously untapped audiences. Let’s dive into the services of these agencies to see which one will work best for your intended audience. 

MuteSix Services 

Retail Marketing

MuteSix offers retail media marketing services for huge players like Amazon. As part of Amazon’s Advertising Partner Network, their dedicated team applies best practices across Marketplace, Creative, and Advertising services. Unlike agencies using a passive model, MuteSix actively manages and customizes strategies, optimizing full-funnel campaigns on and off Amazon. This creates cost-efficient Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) strategies for brands.

Marketing Science

The Marketing Science Team at MuteSix maximizes data effectiveness using advanced tools. They consolidate data with Supermetrics and store it in Google BigQuery. This creates insightful dashboards and custom data products. Their tailored reporting includes Growth Models, Forecasting, LTV Models, and more. They strategically aggregate data on Vertical Spend, CPM Trends, Spend Benchmarks, and Conversion Rates for comprehensive campaign optimization.

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As a leading Meta ad agency, MuteSix has revolutionized strategies for DTC brands on Meta and Instagram. As a Meta Business partner, they leverage efficient tools and deep expertise to craft effective Facebook and Instagram ads. Paired with their PPC Google Ads Services, MuteSix offers a comprehensive solution for engaging and converting consumers across the customer journey. Together, they develop revenue-generating Meta advertising solutions that seamlessly integrate into clients’ omnichannel strategies.

Lifecycle Marketing

The lifecycle marketing team at MuteSix offers full lifecycle management services across email, SMS, and on-site messaging channels. They monitor brand accounts daily, using data to achieve goals, identify growth opportunities, and adapt strategies. With integrated tools and creative solutions, they create tailored campaigns to nurture customer relationships, boost revenue, and enhance Customer Lifetime Value. Their services include testing, automation, and creative optimization for all devices.

Adspace Services

CTV Advertising

CTV ads are pivotal for brands because they can captivate highly engaged audiences on the big screen and create lasting brand experiences. With our expertise, we ensure your brand not only reaches but deeply engages audiences in their most comfortable environments – their living rooms. Connected TV, encompassing television sets used for streaming digital video, merges the immersive experience of traditional TV with the precision and flexibility of digital advertising. Adspace can leverage this powerful tool to elevate brands to the next level.

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Paid Social

We remove the guesswork from creating TikTok ads for ecommerce brands. We want to give back as much time to our clients, so they can focus on running their businesses. Adspace was among the first agencies to recognize the value of TikTok for advertising and outreach. With our experience and proven advertising strategies, we can elevate a brand’s TikTok presence, driving impressive sales and exposure. Adspace also offers paid social advertising for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Email Marketing

In the crowded ecommerce space, choosing the right outreach strategy can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to make it easier and ensure your brand’s success. With our expertise, we understand the importance of effective email marketing for branding and advertising. We create engaging content that resonates with your audience, driving conversions and increasing site visits. We build brand loyalty and meaningful connections by focusing on clear communication and providing value to customers.

Agency Strengths 

MuteSix excels as an agency with several key strengths. They use data to precisely target and optimize campaigns, covering every stage of the customer journey. With a proven track record of driving billions in revenue for clients, they offer expertise across B2B and B2C sectors. MuteSix delivers scalable marketing solutions, making them a reliable partner for diverse client portfolios.

At Adspace, we specialize in diverse advertising platforms, allowing us to cater to various audience demographics with precision. Our emphasis on creative and visually appealing content creation ensures that our campaigns are engaging and attention-grabbing, especially in the realm of TikTok ads for ecommerce brands. We also take a collaborative approach to influencer marketing, leveraging partnerships to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

A graph showing MuteSix's strategy.

Agency Weaknesses 

While MuteSix boasts impressive strengths, the agency may face challenges in some areas. Navigating their multiple service offerings could be complex for clients seeking specific solutions. Additionally, MuteSix’s specialization may be limited in niche advertising platforms, which could affect their ability to reach highly targeted audiences. The agency’s heavy reliance on data science may sometimes overlook qualitative aspects of marketing. This may impact the human touch required for effective brand communication.

Similarly, Adspace demonstrates significant strengths but also faces its own set of challenges. Despite its versatility across advertising platforms, Adspace may lack depth in specialized marketing services compared to agencies focusing solely on one platform. Additionally, Adspace’s reliance on external partnerships for certain services, such as influencer marketing, may introduce complexities in campaign management and control.

Adspace Pricing

Adspace offers a diverse range of digital marketing services with flexible pricing models tailored to businesses of varying sizes:

  • Paid Media Management: Starting at $2.5k/month
  • Influencer Marketing: Starting at $4k/month
  • Email/SMS Marketing: Ranging from $9k to $12k/month
  • Web Design & Development: Customized pricing based on project scope
  • Graphic Design & Video: Starting at $1k/month
  • Reporting & Analytics: Included with pricing

This structure allows businesses to choose services according to their needs and budget constraints. This makes Adspace an attractive option for startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With a lean team of 10 to 50 employees, Adspace offers personalized attention to clients and maintains agility in adapting to evolving market demands.

MuteSix Pricing

MuteSix offers a flexible pricing structure, providing a la carte services to accommodate varying budgets and project requirements. While pricing may vary based on specific services selected, the typical project budget with MuteSix ranges from $50,000 to $199,999. This allows clients to choose the services that best align with their goals and budget constraints. With MuteSix, clients can expect transparent pricing and a focus on delivering exceptional value and results.


Adspace and MuteSix offer compelling solutions for businesses seeking to elevate their digital marketing strategies. Both agencies stand out for their commitment to delivering innovative and impactful digital marketing solutions. Ultimately, the decision between Adspace and MuteSix depends on the specific goals, budget, and preferences of each business. If you want to learn more about Adspace’s services, contact us to learn more

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