Agency Comparison Series: Adspace vs. Hawke Media

Agency Comparison Series: Adspace vs. Hawke Media

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29 Mar 2024
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Picking the right agency is key to hitting the mark in business. With so many options, Adspace and Hawke Media catch the eye with their unique styles. In this comparison, we’ll discuss what each brings to the table, their strengths, and where they could improve. By getting a feel for their differences, who they cater to, and what they offer—like affiliate influencer marketing—we can help steer your digital marketing ship in the right direction. Let’s dive in.

Adspace Strengths & Weaknesses

At Adspace, success begins with personalized strategies and a keen eye for harnessing client strengths. We offer personalized digital solutions, ensuring campaigns connect with their target audience and deliver results. Additionally, Adspace maximizes client strengths and market opportunities to position campaigns for success. This approach consistently yields impactful outcomes.

Due to its smaller team of 10 to 50 employees, Adspace may face challenges when handling large-scale campaigns or projects with extensive requirements. The limited resources could result in difficulties in ensuring sufficient staffing and expertise necessary for executing complex campaigns effectively.

The homepage of Adspace agency.

Hawke Media Strengths & Weaknesses 

Hawke Media excels in executing digital marketing campiagns that yield impressive results. Notably, Hawke Media boasts an impressive portfolio of high-profile clients like Crocs and Barstool Sports. Their strengths lie in their innovative approaches and proven track record of success in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

On the flip side, Hawke Media’s rates are steep compared to smaller agencies. This could make it challenging for smaller businesses or those on tighter budgets to hop on board. Hawke Media has a sizable team of 50 to 249 folks, which also might lead to some communication issues. A big team can make it trickier to stay in sync and ensure smooth client collaboration.

Hawke Media's homepage.

Adspace Services

Paid Advertising: Adspace offers targeted advertising solutions across various platforms, including Facebook, Google, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest Ads.

Affiliate Influencer Marketing: We leverage influencer partnerships to amplify brand messaging and connect with target audiences effectively.

Content and Creative: Adspace provides comprehensive creative solutions, encompassing creative and copy services, influencer marketing collaborations, email marketing campaigns, and video production services.

Hawke Media Services

Digital Playbook Development: Hawke Media develops customized digital playbooks, providing clients with strategic roadmaps to navigate the digital landscape and achieve their business goals.

Industry-Specific Market Targeting: Hawke offers tailored marketing strategies to resonate with target audiences within specific industries, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

Lifecycle Marketing: They offer comprehensive lifecycle marketing solutions, including email & SMS campaigns, to nurture customer relationships and drive long-term engagement.

An infographic displaying where Hawke Media makes their money.

Pricing & Targeted Industries

Adspace prides itself on its transparent pricing structures, ensuring accessibility for businesses of all sizes and industries. Their paid media management service starts at $2.5k per month, providing tailored strategies to boost online visibility. For affiliate influencer marketing, the pricing begins at $4k monthly, while email and SMS marketing options range from $9k to $12k per month. Their web design and development solutions offer customized pricing based on individual project scopes.

An Adspace CTA.

Hawke Media’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate a variety of client needs. Their projects typically range from $10,000 to $49,000, reflecting the scale and complexity of the services provided. With hourly rates ranging from $150 to $199, they ensure quality and expertise in their work. They are also a diverse agency, serving the ecommerce, technology, and healthcare industries.


Consider what matters most to your business when choosing between Hawke Media and Adspace for your digital marketing needs. Hawke Media offers a comprehensive approach with diverse industry experience, while Adspace provides transparent pricing and personalized strategies ideal for small to medium-sized brands and startups. Your digital marketing agency decision hinges on your specific goals, budget, and industry niche. By keeping these factors in mind, you can confidently select the right partner to propel your brand forward.

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