Advertising on Google: 12 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

If you’re looking to maximize your business’s online marketing potential, Google Ads are a great asset.  They help you expand your reach, gain new customers, and ultimately grow your business. Using this marketing platform is the best decision you as a business owner could make.

Google was created in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Its purpose was simple: the two creators had a search engine called “Google Search” that they believed in, and rightfully so – it instantly became the most used search engine online and has stayed that way for twenty years.

Google Ads was created shortly after Google’s inception and was also destined for greatness. In 2000, the platform launched as Google Adwords, but in 2018 it was shortened to the name it currently holds. It is the most used advertising platform out there.

There are several paid search metrics involved in Google Ads, and the three most important are impressions, cost, and clicks. Impressions represent the number of times your advertisement shows up on a search result page, regardless if physically seen. 

Cost represents how much you’ve spent on Google advertising while clicks represent how often your link has been clicked. These metrics indicate the success of your Google Ad campaign so you can stay aware of what works and what doesn’t.

A successful campaign targets the right audience and maximizes conversions and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). These twelve tips will help you make the most of your Google Ads.

Types of Google Ads

Types of Google ads.

For starters, there is simply no other search engine capable of shaking a stick at the internet’s leading powerhouse. With 86% of the search engine market share, you know you need Google as your friend and business partner. 

With Google’s pristine engine at your disposal, you can maximize your conversion rate and increase your site’s visibility exponentially. Soon you’ll be using Google for that warm fuzzy feeling one gets seeing their site atop tons of search results.

But to actualize such potential on Google, there are five main types of Google ads you should be aware of. Be strategic about which ones you utilize for your future ad campaign because each campaign has specific advantages. Here’s a bit of a background on each type so you can make the most informed decision to maximize results. 

Search Ads on Google

Search network campaigns usually take the form of a text ad on a Google search result page. These campaigns don’t require any minimum budget, meaning Google will work with you financially for your text advertisement. They’re helpful for local businesses because of flexibility, directness, and they put you on the Map – Google Maps, that is! 

The Search network campaign is probably the most straightforward of all the Google ad options. It’s perfect if you have a low budget, a specific target audience, and are new to Google’s advertising.

Display Ads

The display ads take the form of images on websites or apps your target audiences use. This campaign uses the power of Google to intentionally place your image ad on over a million websites. Then it requires you to choose between “marketing” or “no marketing” objectives to further customize your ad campaign. The former option builds through sensible marketing strategies whereas the latter takes a much more general approach.

In short, you’d want a Display network campaign if you have a specific advertisement approach or brand awareness in mind. You can also plant your advertisements on specific websites you want, in addition to getting an image on YouTube.

Video (YouTube)

YouTube Ads are a part of Google advertising.

You know those videos you encounter on the ‘Tube? Here’s how you can join in on the marketing. Google’s Video campaigns are usually either six or fifteen-second-long videos that show before or during YouTube videos. You can choose if users can skip five seconds in, or if you want a buffer ad between videos.

If you’re confident in your video advertisement, then you’re likely to succeed with going with this Video Google ad campaign. With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube ads allow you to tap into a huge audience.

Shopping Ads on Goole

Google Shopping ads are very simple to set up and relatively straight forward. If you have an eCommerce store and want to promote its products, this is the campaign for you. Google Merchant Center first needs access to your store, but once setup, your feed will show in the Merchant Center. Then the activated Shopping ad campaign will do everything else.

If you have an eCommerce store, this ad-campaign is a no-brainer. It lands your products in one of the most visited product search engines available with little effort.

App Advertising Using Google

The Universal App ad campaign is intended for entrepreneurs who have an app they wish to heavily promote. It’s a simple enough campaign that only requires you to add your app to Google’s database. From there, you can trust Google to drive up your app sales with its massive, cross-campaign, cross-platform reach. Go with the App campaign if your new or existing app needs a giant boost.

Creating Your Google Ad Campaign

Google makes it super simple to launch your campaign. Using their technological tools and sophisticated algorithms to your advantage is a smart move.

However, as with any type of campaign, you need to have a solid plan. You also need to be willing to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign and make the necessary adjustments. Luckily, the Google Ads platform makes this super simple.

From planning your Google Ads campaign to analyzing and adjusting your strategy, it’s important to stay on top of it to truly take advantage of this awesome marketing opportunity.

Set Smart Goals For Your Google Ads

To get started with your campaign, you need to decide on your goal. This will allow you to develop the framework for the rest of your campaign. It will also help you analyze how well your advertising is working.

Is your ultimate goal simply to build awareness of your brand or reach a larger audience? Maybe you want to increase brand consideration. This will push your campaign in a direction to gain exposure through Google Ads.

Your goal might be to increase website traffic and sales numbers. You also may be using Google Ads to develop more leads for your business. A strategy to gain more app users may also be your goal.

Whether you settle on one of these objectives or a combination of multiple goals, keeping it at the forefront of your mind as you develop your campaign will make it more successful. 

As you move forward, you’ll be able to make smart decisions regarding everything from placement to ad types to reach your goals. 

Decide on a Google Ad Budget

Your budget will heavily influence the rest of your decisions about your campaign. Fortunately, you can launch your Google Ads campaign without sinking a ton of cash into it. 

Google Ad’s tools are super helpful in determining your budget and the results you may get. Check out the predicted outcome based on your budget range. Slide the scale up and down to help you pinpoint just how much you’re willing to spend.

What’s awesome about Google Ads is that you can set your monthly budget cap and the platform takes care of the rest. You don’t have to constantly monitor your spending to make sure you don’t go overboard.

Your budget will also be simple to adjust. You may notice that your ad is getting some awesome results. It might be worth it to increase your budget a little. Simply up your budget on the platform in seconds.

You also may need to pause your campaign to reevaluate your strategy. Google Ads makes it super easy to activate and pause campaigns through the dashboard.

Another great feature is the results-driven pricing structure. You only pay when your ads work, making Google Ads a potentially super cost-effective place to put your marketing dollars.

The price for your ad can relate directly to your objectives. The cost per click, cost per impression, and cost per engagement pricing models are created to drive results. This means you’re only paying for what you get, and not a cent more.

Location is Everything

Advertising on Google is important.

Even though you’re advertising online, the location could be a big part of your strategy. Targeting a specific audience location can make your campaign more focused and successful.

Are you looking to drive traffic to your physical location? Google Ads is a great place to do that. They can target nearby customers and display your location in search results. 

These local campaigns allow you to tap into Google’s resources to reach these customers at just the right moment. Through YouTube and Google Maps, you can engage these customers when they are in close proximity to your location.

You can also opt to target certain regions or countries. This is especially true if you are trying to drive website traffic, app installs, or online sales numbers.

It’s important to be mindful of what you’re marketing and where. Everything from big events to seasonal trends can come into play.

Think about the needs of a region’s population. If you’re selling swimsuits or sunscreen, you’ll likely be throwing your money away by advertising to colder areas in the winter months. 

However, you can also capitalize on location-specific trends and events. If you’re selling adult beverages or beach gear, targeting popular locales during the spring break season could be a smart and lucrative investment.

Be smart about choosing your location parameters, and you’ll see more overall campaign success. Additionally, utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can allow you to see Google search results tailored to other locations, enhancing your understanding of regional preferences and trends for more effective targeting in your campaigns.

Use the Right Google Ad Type

Now that you know about Google Ad types, you can decide on which ones are best for your objective, and how to make them work for your goal.

If you’re trying to increase sales, a shopping campaign can reach consumers that are actively browsing and shopping online. You can also use display ads to reach the valuable repeat customers that have been to your site or store in the past. 

To increase website or physical location traffic, you can use search ads to reach those most likely to be interested in your brand. You can also use video campaigns to share the benefits of your brand.

Expanding your brand awareness and consideration can be super successful with Google’s enormous reach. Display campaigns can get your brand into the eyes and minds of a ton of consumers.

There is even a specific ad campaign to reach those that would be most likely to install your mobile app. This allows you to advertise in the play store, Google search, and other popular websites.

Consider Your Google Advertising Audience

After you have decided on your goals and budget, it’s time to get creative and form your campaign. First things first, who is this advertisement targeting?

Your audience is the center of your campaign and your advertisements should be built based on them. Crafting an appealing ad that speaks directly to your audience will make it much more engaging. 

Fortunately, targeting the correct audience is made easier by Google’s technology and algorithms. This allows your ad to be seen by people that are more likely to have an interest in your brand. 

Your job is to create an ad that turns that exposure into engagement. A strategically crafted ad can help you reach your objectives more successfully.

Think about your audience, their needs, and how your brand can fulfill them. Your ad should clearly communicate how your product can benefit them.

Your target demographic can help you develop the style of your ad. Are you targeting youthful and energetic customers? Think bold and bright graphics, colors, and imagery.

You may be targeting a more mature, higher-income crowd. Your ads should take on a more serious tone, showing that your brand is reliable and dependable.

Take a look at this ad for Smart Asset for example. It’s simple, serious, and to the point. Their goal is to show that their brand is ready and able to take on the tough task of helping you plan your retirement.

Know your Google Advertising audience.

Be Clear and Concise in Your Google Ad

Internet users may be quick to abandon your ad and move on to their next task. You need to capitalize on the small bit of attention that your ad may receive. 

Get your message out quickly and clearly. You will want to be concise and to the point. Your goal is that consumers immediately know what you’re selling and why they need it.

Check out this display ad for FarmersCart Beef on a Google partner site. In minimal words, they explain the benefits of their product. In seconds, a consumer is able to see what makes their beef different from the competitors.

Make sure your Google ad is clear.

Think about the most important benefits and features of your product. Get those in the eyes of consumers quickly to send a clear message and pique their interest. 

Set Yourself Apart From Your Google Ad Competition

In an online world full of ads, it’s super important to make sure your ad isn’t just white noise. Creating an ad that is dynamic and stands out will pay off in better results.

This is also your chance to share why your brand is different from your competition. Why should consumers choose your brand over others?

Let’s look at this ad for Big Ass Fans. Not only do they have a quirky and engaging brand name, but they also manage to set themselves apart from the competition in one short review snippet. 

Make your Google ad stand out among competition.

You also want your ad to stand out enough to get noticed while not being gaudy and overwhelming. Consider color, imagery, and attention-grabbing verbiage to draw in browsers and encourage them to want to learn more.

Create an Authentic Voice In Your Google Ad

One of the best benefits of Google ads is the ability to reach out to current customers. You can also target previous visitors to your physical location or website. The key to using this to your advantage is to be consistent and authentic. 

When customers feel like they know your brand on a deeper level, they develop more meaningful relationships. This, in turn, leads to an increase in brand loyalty. 

Develop an identifiable personality for your brand. Make your brand’s persona appealing and attractive so consumers want to get to know you.

Once you develop this brand personality, keep it consistent. Consumers crave familiarity and want to know what to expect from your brand. 

When you personify your brand, you can appeal to consumers emotionally. This will allow you to create a strong and loyal customer base and a stellar reputation.  

Use Real-Life Stories To Relate to Your Google Ad’s Audience

Consumers want to hear from other consumers. They value the experiences of others over your own word about your brand. Use real-life stories to tout the unique benefits of your brand.

Take this video ad for Wix, featuring a business owner that built her own eCommerce business on the platform. This creates a connection for other entrepreneurs and shows them that Wix could benefit them as well.

Relate to your audience in your Google ad.

Consumers put a lot of trust in the opinions of previous customers. Include your glowing online reviews or a testimonial from a thrilled customer in your ad. This can go a long way in grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Mix it Up a Bit

With the many options Google Ads gives you, it’s a good idea to have a diversified plan. Not only can you create more effective campaigns, but you will likely reach a larger audience. 

As your brand evolves, your needs will change. Using various types of ads will allow you to best meet your marketing needs.

Your campaign may have dual or multiple purposes. You may be trying to drive web traffic and increase brand awareness. Maybe you want to increase sales while also gaining leads.

Including multiple types of ads in your campaign allows you to strive for all of your objectives. Plus, you’ll be able to see which types of ads are more effective with your customers.

Include a Call to Action in Your Google Ad

When your ads have clear messaging, they are more likely to lead to the desired result. One of the most effective ways to do this is to include a great call to action. 

A consumer sees your ad, now what do you want them to do? How do they know how you want them to interact with your brand? It’s simple, just tell them. 

Your call to action can be as simple as a to the point “learn more” or “shop now.” You can also think outside the box and get a little more creative. 

Here, this ad uses a fun play on words to target students and encourage them to use their products.

Include a call to action in your Google ad.

Your call to action can also reflect your objectives. Are you trying to build awareness or consideration? Simply encourage customers with a gentle “learn more” button.

For ap install and sales-related objectives, telling customers to shop or download now can prompt them to click-thru. Whatever your goals may be, including a well-thought-out call to action in your advertisement can help you reach them. 

Let Google Ads Help

Google is known for their innovative and ground-breaking technology. Why not use it to your benefit?

You can meet online with a Google Ads expert that will help you craft an awesome campaign. They can guide you through everything from setting your goals and objectives and selecting the best type of ads for your business.

Their online resources and success stories can be filtered by your desired objective. This can give you a glimpse into how other companies have used Google Ads to hit their goals. 

The Google Ads technology will automatically optimize your campaign so you get the best results. You’ll also be able to see data-oriented results of your ads so you can adjust their design and your budget as needed. 

Launch Your Google Ad Campaign

Advertising on Google

A Google Ad campaign can give you access to a huge audience in all corners of the internet. It can be used to meet any of your brand’s marketing objectives and can easily be adjusted. Your company can create an effective campaign using Google Ads, quickly and affordably.

From location focused advertising to targeting relevant customers, advertising on Google Ads gives you a great, cost-effective marketing solution. When you craft your campaign to be audience-focused, authentic, and unique, your Google Ads campaign will give your brand an impressive edge and enormous boost! 

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