5 Pro Tips To Improve Your B2B Google Advertising Campaigns

B2B advertising through Google has to be targeted to work properly. If you are not leveraging the right targeting for your ads that are run through Google, you are likely missing out on a lot of conversions and traffic to your site. Knowing how to leverage Google advertising correctly for your B2B business is important if you are going to spend the money on these ads in the first place.

If you have been wondering why your Google campaigns are not performing the way you expected them to, you are probably missing some key strategies to help your Google ad campaigns work with optimal efficiency. These pro tips will help you to get the most out of your Google advertising campaigns to ensure that you get website traffic and secure conversions.

If you are ready to learn the tips to improve your B2B Google advertising campaigns, you need to keep reading!

Here Are the Top B2B Google As Strategies

Make Sure Your Website is Converting on Traffic

You will need to be sure that you know the actual metrics related to the conversions you are getting from website traffic. Just sending people to your site is not enough-they need to convert for your efforts to drive traffic to be worth it. You will want to be sure that you are using quality conversion rate tracking software to have the actual data on this important metric for your use.

If your ads are not leading to traffic that leads to conversions, you are not targeting the right audience. This is one of the key reasons that B2B businesses lose money annually on Google ad campaigns and you will want to avoid this pitfall. Wasting money on advertising is never a good idea and if your ads are not converting to traffic and then sales, you need to make the right adjustments to ensure that these processes are taking place.

Not All Traffic is Created Equal

You need to be aware that traffic for the sake of traffic is not enough. We already touched on the topic of targeting above. Targeting the right audience will deliver the kind of traffic to your site that leads to conversions. You want to be sure that you are using the right keywords and the right information to target the correct, high-quality contacts.

When we talk about targeting, we are talking about using SEO properly to help drive the right traffic to your site. There are various really effective and easy-to-use tools that you can leverage to help you to get the right keywords in place for your Google ad campaigns. The more on-brand and on-target your keywords are, the better results you will see from your ad campaigns.

Use the SKAG Strategy

SKAG stands for single keyword ad group. This is a strategy that leverages the ad groups within your Google ads campaign correctly to drive quality traffic to your site. When used properly, the SKAG strategy helps you to identify keywords that perform the most effectively so that you can stop using ones that are not delivering results. The SKAG strategy can be highly effective for your needs and if you are working on your own SEO it can make the process of tracking down successful keywords much easier.

When you use one keyword, you will have an easier time being able to track the results of your efforts. This also helps you to boost your control over relevance in your internet searches and your Google ad rankings.

Use YouTube ads for TOFU(top of Funnel)

YouTube has continued to become more and more relevant these days as streaming services and online content becomes the main way that people enjoy entertainment. The top of funnel that you use to drive brand awareness matters and YouTube is a great choice for this need. YouTube is a good way to get optimization in place surrounding brand awareness.

YouTube ads that are used properly can also help optimize your average CPV, which can make your entire ad campaign more streamlined and more cost-effective. Using YouTube ads alongside Google ads can create an ad partnership that can deliver big results for your conversions, site traffic, and targeting efforts. The more top of funnel traffic that you can generate linked to brand awareness, the better your chances of conversion as people visit your site.

Hire An Agency to Manage your Google Ads For You

At the end of the day, ad campaign management is a complicated task and one that not everyone has time to become an expert in. If you feel like you are wasting money each month on ads and you are tired of trying to figure out how to optimize your ads when you have other business concerns to manage, you can reach out for support.

Hiring an agency can make all the difference in your optimization efforts and you will be glad that you passed off this complex task to a team of experts when you see the change that it can make in your ad performance. SEO and targeting management is an ongoing process and you should not assume that you can just fix all of these items in your campaigns and forget about them. This is one of the key reasons that having a skilled ad management team on your side can make all the difference.

If you are ready to change the way that you manage your Google ad campaigns to see major improvements in your ad campaign performance, you need to work with us at Adspace. We can make all the difference in your ad performance and we can help your targeted branding as well as make your conversion goals become a reality. We work hard to make sure that your Google ads meet and exceed your expectations every month.

If you are ready to make your Google ads perform better than ever and meet targeting goals with ease, contact us today!

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