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ADSPACE® stands at the forefront of leveraging the unique potential of Bing Ads. Our expertise in Bing’s platform, coupled with a deep understanding of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies, allows us to amplify your brand’s online presence. We specialize in crafting Bing ad campaigns that are effective and cost-efficient.

The Power of Bing in PPC Advertising

Bing Ads are often under appreciated but offer a valuable platform for reaching a diverse and often more mature audience. With less competition than other platforms, Bing Ads can yield higher ad positions and lower costs per click. This makes Bing Ads an effective component of a comprehensive PPC strategy.

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Company stats

We’ve helped generate over $250 million in ad revenue for our clients and we keep adding more revenue for our clients everyday.


With over a decade of experience we know the ins-and-outs of digital marketing, and we are always committed to continue learning and improving everyday.


We’ve helped businesses of all sizes and sectors build stronger brands and design better converting campaigns to increase traffic, sales and revenue.


Our Approach

to successful Bing Ad Campaigns


With access to your reporting dashboard, your team can review important performance metrics on all ad and email platforms in real-time.

Cohort Analysis

By utilizing cohort analysis, we build out an analytics strategy to see what is driving higher LTV within your customer base.

Website Analytics

Our team closely monitors ad and website analytics to find areas for improved performance across the entire funnel.

Internal Dashboard

By utilizing internal dashboards, our team will spot trends and opportunities as they happen.

Why choose ADSPACE®?

Why choose ADSPACE®?

01. Expertise and Experience
ADSPACE® boasts a team of seasoned experts with a deep understanding of Bing Ads. Their extensive experience in the digital advertising arena ensures that your campaigns are in capable hands.
02. Data-Driven Approach
ADSPACE® leverages advanced data analytics to identify the most effective keywords, optimize bidding strategies, and continuously refine your Bing Ads campaigns for improved ROI.
03. Creative Excellence
Our creative team excels in crafting persuasive ad copy and visuals that resonate with your target audience, driving higher engagement rates and conversions.
04. Transparent Reporting
We provide comprehensive and transparent reporting, empowering you with insights into campaign performance and enabling data-driven decision-making to achieve your advertising goals effectively.
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Our Process

Client Consultation and Objective Definition

ADSPACE® initiates the process by conducting a thorough client consultation to understand the brand’s goals, target audience, and key performance indicators (KPIs). This step involves defining clear objectives for the Bing Ads campaign, whether it’s driving website traffic, increasing conversions, or raising brand awareness.

Keyword Research and Strategy Development

Our team conducts comprehensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and effective keywords for the brand’s niche. Based on this research, they develop a strategic plan for Bing Ads, selecting the optimal keywords and ad groups to maximize campaign performance.

Creative Ad Creation

Our creative experts craft compelling ad copy and visual elements that align with the brand’s messaging and resonate with the target audience. This includes creating engaging headlines, descriptions, and ad extensions to capture users’ attention and encourage clicks.

Campaign Management and Optimization

ADSPACE® continuously monitors the Bing Ads campaign, making real-time adjustments to keyword bids, ad scheduling, and targeting settings. They analyze performance metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and return on ad spend (ROAS), optimizing the campaign to achieve the best possible results and maximize the brand’s ROI.

Reporting and Analysis

We provide detailed reporting and analysis of the Bing Ads campaign’s performance, offering insights into key metrics and highlighting areas for improvement. This step allows clients to stay informed and make data-driven decisions, ensuring that the Bing Ads services deliver the desired outcomes for the brand.


Bing Ads Services

Account Setup and Management

ADSPACE® assists brands in establishing their Microsoft Advertising account, setting up a robust campaign structure, and managing it to ensure alignment with the brand’s objectives. This includes continuous optimization for peak performance.

Keyword Research and Bid Optimization

Through in-depth keyword research, ADSPACE® identifies high-impact keywords relevant to the brand’s offerings. This process includes optimizing bids for these keywords and employing negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic, ensuring efficient budget use.

Creative Ad Development and Refinement

ADSPACE® crafts compelling ad copy and visuals that resonate with the target audience, continuously testing and refining these elements to enhance click-through and conversion rates.

Precision Bid Management

Utilizing strategic bid management techniques, ADSPACE® ensures that the brand’s advertising budget is optimally distributed across campaigns, ad groups, and keywords, based on performance metrics and market dynamics.

E-commerce Optimization with Shopping Campaigns

For brands in the e-commerce sector, ADSPACE® manages Bing Shopping Campaigns, including product feed optimization, to prominently feature products within Bing’s search results, driving direct sales.

Seamless Integration with Digital Marketing Efforts

ADSPACE® aids in integrating Microsoft Advertising campaigns with other digital marketing channels like SEO, social media, and email marketing, creating a unified and effective online marketing strategy for the brand.

Localized Advertising Solutions

For brands aiming to capture local markets, ADSPACE® specializes in setting up local ads and location extensions, ensuring visibility to users searching in specific geographic areas relevant to the brand.


01 Are Bing Ads Worth the Investment for My Brand?

Absolutely. Bing Ads offer the distinct advantage of targeting a unique segment of the online market, including users who prefer Bing over other search engines. This platform can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility to a broader audience, potentially at a lower cost compared to other platforms. With ADSPACE®, leveraging Bing Ads can lead to higher conversions and an efficient allocation of your advertising budget.

02 How Do Bing Ads Compare to Google Ads?

While Google Ads are a dominant force in the digital advertising landscape, Bing Ads serve as a strategic complement, allowing your brand to tap into different demographics. Bing’s user base, which generally boasts higher average incomes and may not be as saturated with competitors’ ads, offers a ripe opportunity for higher engagement and conversion rates. ADSPACE® strategically integrates Bing Ads with Google Ads to form a comprehensive, effective PPC campaign that maximizes reach and impact across both platforms

03 What Makes ADSPACE®’s Approach to Bing Ads Unique?

ADSPACE® doesn’t just add Bing Ads as an afterthought; we integrate them as a pivotal component of your brand’s overall PPC strategy. Our expertise in navigating both Bing and Google Ads ecosystems ensures that your campaigns are meticulously optimized for each platform’s strengths, driving substantial growth and enhancing your online presence effectively.

04 Can ADSPACE® Help My Brand Reach More Specific Audiences Through Bing Ads?

Yes, ADSPACE® specializes in utilizing Bing Ads’ advanced targeting capabilities to reach specific demographics, geographic locations, and device users. Our approach ensures that your ads are seen by your target audience, making your campaigns more personalized and impactful. This precision targeting is key to optimizing your ad spend and increasing conversions.

05 How Does ADSPACE® Measure and Report on the Success of Bing Ads Campaigns?

At ADSPACE®, we believe in transparency and actionable insights. We provide comprehensive performance analysis and reporting on your Bing Ads campaigns, covering key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversion rates, and ROI. These reports not only measure success but also inform ongoing optimization strategies, ensuring your advertising efforts yield the best possible results.